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70 'Bridgerton' Group Chat Names For Besties & Royally Good Gossip

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There are some things that not even Lady Whistledown is privy to, and they're located in your best friend group chat. Just like the Society Papers in Bridgerton, your bestie group convos are filled with the latest scoop. To make sure your messages get as much attention as Lady Whistledown's newsletters do, use these Bridgerton group chat names for friends and spilling all the tea.

Honestly, your chat is your lifeline to your besties. It's a space where you look forward to sending and receiving constant updates on relationships, work drama, family gossip, and trendy purchases. The arrival of such important news should be delivered via a Bridgerton group chat name. That way, everyone in your crew will be sure to "make haste" and check out the matter at hand ASAP.

Choose a Bridgerton chat name like "Closer Than Penelope & Eloise," which is a great reflection of your sisterhood. Or, spruce things up with a gossipy group chat name such as "Terrible Gossips." You can even opt for the regal title of "The Jewels To My Crown," because you treat one another like royalty.

Whichever group chat name you choose, everyone in your squad will be delighted to see how you took the chat to the next level. After you pick out a Bridgerton-inspired group chat name for friends, you can kick back, relax, and text all the gossip.


1. The Society Messages

2. Tea Time

3. The Bridgerton Sisters

4. Talk Of The Ton

5. Lady Whistledowns

6. The Jewels To My Crown

7. Pardon The Interruption

8. Royally Missin' You

9. Perfect Matches

10. Regals Only

11. You Got This, Queens

12. The Royal Fam

13. Tea, Texts, Tiaras

14. Always A Social Season Here

15. Dukes, Duchesses, Drama

16. Crown Jewels

17. Ballroom Good Times

18. Things We Don't Tell Lady Featherington

19. Love You More Than Daphne Loves Simon

20. Let's Promenade

21. Tea's Spilled

22. The Bridgerton To My Besties

23. The Social Club

24. No Duel Zone

25. Might I have A Word?

26. How Scandalous

27. The Tearoom

28. Looking For Suitors

29. Queen Charlotte Approved

30. Terrible Gossips

31. The London Circle

32. Make Haste & Text Back

33. Closer Than Penelope & Eloise

34. Do Me The Honor Of Replying

35. The Crew Courtship


36. The Ton Locals

37. Lady Whistledown's Watching

38. A Ton Of Love For This Crew

39. Swooning Over You

40. Here To Duke It Out

41. The Court

42. Debutante Drama

43. High Society

44. Afternoon Tea

45. My Graces

46. Your Majesties

47. Ballroom Chats

48. This Chat's Royal

49. Daphne's Ladies

50. Grace Me With Your Presence

51. Daphne's Wardrobe

52. Squad Soirée

53. Diamonds Of The Season

54. Let's Swoon

55. Dear Reader, I Miss You

56. Rare Jewels

57. London's Treasures

58. Yours Truly, Lady Whistledown

59. The Scandal Sheet

60. Don't Tell Mama

61. Wish To Be Entertained

62. I Should Like You To Reply

63. Gambling For Gossip

64. Around The Card Table

65. Wish You Were Heir

66. Rise Above Your Station

67. Missing You A Ton

68. Requited Love

69. Ladies Of England

70. What Would Lady Danbury Say?

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