Lady Violet Bridgerton walks in the garden with her daughters, Eloise and Hyacinth, in 'Bridgerton.'

34 Lady Violet Quotes From 'Bridgerton' That'll Charm Your Instagram Feed


The glue that holds the entire Bridgerton family together is none other than the matriarch herself, Lady Violet Bridgerton. While she may not have told poor Daphne everything about marital relationships, she does her best to make sure all eight of her children are happy. That includes giving advice, and Lady Violet's is seriously priceless. So, use any of these Lady Violet Bridgerton quotes for Instagram when you want to add some wittiness to your pics.

If you lived in the Ton, Lady Violet would be the person you'd want to sip afternoon tea and promenade in the park with while gushing over Daphne and Simon. She's the OG shipper of the pair, and together with Lady Danbury, the ladies are a powerful duo. At a time when women were pressured to marry for money and status, Lady Violet advises Daphne to marry someone who is a dear friend.

That kind of forward-thinking is why you'd love to be part of the Bridgerton family. Since you can't, enjoy these 34 Lady Violet quotes from Bridgerton on your Instagram feed. It's the next best thing to sipping tea and sharing gossip with Lady Violet.


1. "I did not want the celebration to end."

2. "The two of you care for each other deeply."

3. "The things I do say, well, they are not always what you wish to hear."

4. "In the way that rain soaks a field in autumn, and in spring, flowers grow."

5. "That is more than enough."

6. "Perhaps I can offer my wisdom."

7. "Charmed a duke."

8. "They promenaded this morning and he sent flowers today."

9. "You should join us more often, your grace."

10. "Tulips... they symbolize passion."

11. "They are courting."

12. "There are no others."

13. "When all is said and done, nothing else matters."

14. "You must know that changes everything."

15. "However difficult forgiving someone may be, it is necessary to move forward."


16. "The way the two of you looked at each other."

17. "I know what I saw."

18. "There are some things you ought to know."

19. "I know it was not nothing between you."

20. "We like each other... most of the time."

21. "I am only able to offer you what I know."

22. "What about the duke?"

23. "It may be unfashionable."

24. "Keep your mind open."

25. "He will have no choice but to retreat."

26. "I do hope the two of you are not encouraging improper topics of conversation."

27. "The most heartfelt congratulations, your grace."

28. "You need not worry, dearest."

29. "It is a loathsome and barbarous form of entertainment."

30. "You must forgive this rather unruly debate."

31. "You would be most welcome."

32. "You can come to me when you need advice."

33. "It is the heat."

34. "Is this not lovely? All of us together again."