Anthony Bridgerton sits in a chair, smiling in 'Bridgerton.'

These Anthony Quotes From 'Bridgerton' Will Gear You Up For Season 2

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Get ready to spill more tea, because Netflix's Bridgerton is officially getting a Season 2. This time, the spotlight will be on the eldest sibling, Anthony Bridgerton. The big brother has much family responsibility and spends a lot of his time being overprotective of Daphne's love life in Season 1. Now, viewers will see much more of Anthony's story and love life unfold in Season 2, and will need some Anthony Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions to bring all the hype to their feeds.

You have plenty of time to rewatch Season 1 and gear up for the new season, since production won't begin until spring 2021, according Deadline. A second watch is almost necessary for you to catch all the Bridgerton easter eggs and really focus on Anthony's storyline. As a matter of fact, you may only remember him disapproving of every potential suitor for Daphne and breaking opera singer Siena Rosso's heart, but there's much more to Anthony than meets the eye. Sure, he does attempt to duel Simon, but that's only because he's defending his sister's honor and the Bridgerton name.

Deep down, Anthony has a charming side, showing a fair share of swoon-worthy moments in Season 1. That is precisely why you need these 40 Anthony Bridgerton quotes to pair them with your own charismatic selfies as you get excited for what awaits in Season 2.


1. "I haven't had the pleasure of seeing you at our club lately."

2. "Most refreshing, given the heat."

3. "Perhaps I was unclear."

4. "I'd never miss such an important day for you and our family."

5. "You have the love of all your family, and the honor of your actions."

6. "You were acting a fool."

7. "This solution to our problem did not come about by chance."

8. "You just rode into the middle of a duel."

9. "You believe I should?"

10. "You deserve contentment. We all do."

11. "Coming through!"

12. "They're all staring, mother."


13. "Good for you, brother."

14. "There is nary a gentleman here who would not take your hand."

15. "Come here, old friend."

16. "This is nothing more than a terrible confusion."

17. "I should like to know what was going through your head."

18. "I may have been a trifle harsh."

19. "A man of any honor ensures his debts are fully paid."

20. "Let us take a turn about the room."

21. "Might I have a word?"

22. "The very reason I am here."

23. "If only it were not time for us to retire."

24. "I think it a fine idea."

25. "I should like to know what is going on."

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