An elegant Lady Danbury stands regally in a ball room, wearing a white dress and tiara.

These Lady Danbury Quotes From 'Bridgerton' Make Such Bold Insta Captions

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Charlotte might be the queen in Bridgerton, but everyone knows Lady Danbury rules her own court. She has a sassy personality and confidently rocks who she is. If you're a powerhouse like the legend herself, any pics you want to share will show your followers just how regal you are, especially when paired with any of these Lady Danbury Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions.

With a little bit of Lady Danbury on your feed, you can never lose. As the ultimate hype woman, she's always there to support Simon (aka the Duke of Hastings), reminding him to have the courage to be himself. From hosting extravagant balls, to teaching Daphne how to play cards, Lady Danbury is a wise, fiery fairy godmother figure in Bridgerton.

To make your next Instagram post as memorable as Lady Danbury is, pair your snap with any of these Lady Danbury quotes. Strike a pose with your hair in a fancy up-do to match one of her bold sayings. Or, take a photo lounging while playing cards and sipping wine out of a vintage-looking glass. As long as you're completely rocking who you are, these Lady Danbury Bridgerton quotes for Instagram captions will earn your post a spot in the selfie hall of fame.


1. "I am to host a ball this evening."

2. "Too late, I already noted you."

3. "It was righteously funny, you must admit."

4. "You allowed that young lady to slip through your fingers as if it were nothing."

5. "Your regrets are denied."

6. "Matches have certainly been made with far less."

7. "Most undignified."

8. "I shall need someone else to seek me a glass of the tafia."

9. "I made myself the most terrifying creature in any room I entered."

10. "The London season is already terribly monotonous."

11. "Is there a reason I have yet to see you on the dance floor?"


12. "I sharpened my wit, my wardrobe, and my eye."

13. "The duke is quite fond of gooseberry pie."

14. "Well, do not make haste on our account."

15. "Do me the honor."

16. "You look rather lovely this evening."

17. "A prolonged courtship."

18. "When I was a girl, some centuries ago..."

19. "I shall be able to keep such a secret no longer."

20. "Would it pain you to wear some color, Your Grace?"

21. "We need to help her to see things a bit more clearly."

22. "We both know I taught you better than that."

23. "I know all."

24. "Everyone enjoys secrets."

25. "When you step into the light, you will be worthy of the attention you command."

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