7 Windmills You Can Actually Spend The Night In, Just Like 'The Bachelorette'

Over the past few months, you might have spent every Monday night in front of your television, watching Hannah Brown navigate love, deal with drama, and travel the world. You may have texted your besties over and over again about the dreamy locations and men who stole a piece of your heart and graced your television screen. (*Tags Tyler C.*) Whether you're a loyal member of Bachelor Nation or not, though, you know that one "contestant" really stole the spotlight on the latest season of The Bachelorette: the windmill from Peter and Hannah's date in Amsterdam. Now, you're looking for windmills you can stay in on Airbnb so you can have that epic experience, too.

To recap, the windmill became famous the week of fantasy suites, when Hannah and Luke P. had a heated conversation about sex over dinner. It led to him being sent home, and Hannah dropping a line that'll go down in history as powerful, dramatic, and satisfying. "I have had sex, and honestly, Jesus still loves me," she said, which was followed by, "From obviously how you feel, me f*cking in a windmill, you probably want to leave."

In my personal opinion, it was even more iconic than Colton's fence hop in the previous season of The Bachelor, and the feminist moment we needed from the franchise. I'd even say it's worth celebrating with your besties, and a night or two in one of these windmills on Airbnb.

This Windmill Is Perfect For Watching The Sunset

The first of these windmills is located on the island of Tinos in Greece. It's perfect for a few nights of relaxing, exploring, and soaking up the sunset. It's also extremely close to the sand and surf at Stavros Beach. What more could you ask for?

When you arrive, you'll instantly feel like Hannah, who spent the week of fantasy suites in the same part of the world. You'll try all the local cuisine and channel your inner goddess while your bestie records everything on camera. Then, you'll fall in love with the #views from the terrace of this windmill by the sea.

This Windmill Is Straight Out Of A Fairytale

Hannah lived through a lot of fairytale moments when she was searching for "The One." She rode a horse through Amsterdam, had a photo shoot with her hot dates, and, of course, spent a dreamy night in a windmill.

If you choose to stay in this romantic windmill, you'll get a chance to live in fairytale, too. You'll wake up feeling refreshed in this rustic and peaceful place, and wander down to the pubs with your bestie or significant other. You'll daydream while you roam through the garden, and write a journal entry from the lounge chairs.

This Windmill Is Made For Your Entire Friend Crew

TBH, every experience is a little bit better when you share it with your besties. That's why, after re-hasing the details and roses from this season of The Bachelorette in the group chat, you decided to go on a trip together. The original plan was to go to one of the destinations that was featured in the show.

But thanks to this windmill that's close to Amsterdam, you can visit a place where Hannah slept in a one-of-a-kind spot, too. Full disclosure: Pilot Pete won't be making an appearance at this windmill, but you'll be able to give your heart eyes to the sheep and beautiful countryside.

This Windmill Is Pretty Close To Home

Believe it or not, there's a windmill on the West Coast that's waiting for you to book it. It's located in Capitola, California, and will make for the cutest backdrop in your Instagram pics. It even has a fire pit, built-in barbecue, and hot tub for when you and your besties want to spend some time outdoors.

Simply head to the Airbnb site to reserve the space, then plan out the rest of your adventure trip. You are planning on checking out the national parks, bustling cities, and beautiful beaches on the West Coast, right? Right.

This Windmill Is So Quaint And Serene

You love traveling, but sometimes, you want to spend your trip relaxing instead of sightseeing and rushing around the nearby train stations. You want to feel cozy and comfortable, instead of constantly busy. I don't blame you, and that's why I'm giving you the details on this quaint windmill in Amsterdam.

It allows you and one other person to stay in a room in one of the most serene areas of the world. From the moment you arrive, you'll want to turn your phone to "do not disturb" mode and fill your camera roll with only pictures of the greenery and large wings. Post them when you get home, OK?

This Windmill Is An Epic Spot For Date Night

If you're going to stay in a windmill, you might as well take as many notes from Hannah as possible and turn it into a date night. You might as well hop on a plane with your significant other, go to this windmill in Portugal, and have long talks in the candlelight. It would probably make Chris Harrison so proud.

In fact, he might just show up in this magical destination with a bunch of roses, cameras, and date cards and help you recreate your favorite Bachelor Nation scenes. (OK, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.) This mill does have a large garden with fruit trees and flowers, though, so you may have the chance to say, "Will you accept this rose?"

This Windmill Is Super Modern And Luxurious

Last but not least, I'd like to put this luxurious windmill on your radar, because it's straight-up gorgeous. It has a view of the ocean, vineyards, and other islands nearby, and a pool that's asking for you to change into your bathing suit and take a dip. Although it costs around $557 per night, it's worth splurging on. Trust me.

Whether you're traveling to this windmill with your significant other or your best friend, it'll be a trip you never forget. You'll look back on the pictures and remember this season of The Bachelorette that was, dare I say, the most dramatic yet.