7 Weddings That Didn’t Go As Planned, But Still Looked Amazing

Weddings are so gorgeous when you look at them on Instagram. They're also beyond amazing in person, too, but there's a lot you don't see. For example, the flowers might have arrived two hours after they were expected (you may have even given up on them). Maybe the caterer got sick at the last minute, and it took hours to find a replacement. Maybe the cake even had gluten in it (JK, gluten is my favorite food group)! There are so many stories of weddings that didn't go as planned, but that doesn't mean they don't look amazing on social media afterward. In fact, it doesn't even mean they weren't amazing at the time!

I spoke to a bunch of people about their wedding days, and the stories they shared were amazing. Weddings can be absolutely thrilling, and not just because of the lifelong commitment. If you've ever planned a wedding, you'll know exactly how much work goes into it. It's not your fault if something goes wrong at your wedding — it's the most normal thing in the world, as these stories demonstrate. Hilarious, exciting, and sometimes chilling, these tales of weddings that didn't go as planned just go to show that love is the only thing that really matters.

Read on to find seven stories of weddings gone awry.

1. Free Cake

A drunk florist accidentally pushed our beautiful wedding cake on the floor about an hour before we were to arrive at the reception. The baker had another cake available, so they improvised. The wedding planner kept it from me because she was worried I would freak out. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t the right cake. The florist paid for the cake and the flowers were free.

— Lisa, 56

2. The Force Is With You

Beautiful wedding arch and a rows of chairs for guests with the lake at backgroundShutterstock
Mine went mostly according to my plan, but my father did not appreciate the Darth Vader theme song playing when he was introduced.

— Ashley, 31

3. What Happens In Vegas...

Vegas wedding chapel: a nightmare.

— Missy, 33

4. A Staff Gone Rogue

I just got married on June 8! Our officiant ended up being a nut case, and our bartenders ended up doing their own thing, on top of other random issues.

— Natalia, 30

5. Hurrican-You-Say-Woops

My wedding ended up happening during a hurricane. We’d invited guests from all over the U.S. to come down and celebrate in Mobile, [Alabama] then Hurricane Nate hit. Only ended up with about 35 people there. Everything was still so magical!

— Monica, 28

6. A Perfect View

Happy bride and groomShutterstock
We were supposed to get married in the Chicago skyline on a rooftop, but rain made us get married in front of Joe Amato's top fuel dragster.

— Megan, 24

7. Ring Down

Silver wedding rings on a wooden backgroundShutterstock
He lost the ring. It's the one thing you're not supposed to do. We did the ceremony with his mom's ring, and then he later found it. I knew it would be funny in retrospect, but at the time it was a lot.

— Carrie, 33

As you can see, there's a ton of room for error at weddings, and that's OK. It's not your fault if your wedding doesn't go according to plan, and hopefully, these stories help you realize it's very common! And later, you may look back and laugh, as many of the people who shared these stories with me did. No matter what happens, if you're getting married soon, enjoy your special day! It isn't about the cake, decorations, or speeches: It's about your love.