Spoil Yourself This Valentine's Day With Any Of These 7 Indulgent, Yet Affordable Gifts

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Out of all of the relationships you will have in your life, the longest and deepest connection will be the one with yourself. Whether you have a romantic partner or you're loving the single life, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show yourself some extra love. Every day can be a self-care day, but there's something special about a holiday dedicated specifically to showing and accepting love that makes it a great reminder to nourish your heart and your body a little more than usual. These Valentine's Day gifts to give yourself are just the thing to help you celebrate you on Feb. 14 (and long after).

Whenever I think of self-love, the episode of Parks and Recreation where Donna and Tom dedicate an entire day to treating themselves always comes to mind. It can be easy to talk yourself out of buying little goodies in order to save money, or because you don't necessarily need them, but even a small special treat can do a lot in terms of bringing you joy.

None of these gifts will break the bank, so choose one (or hey, a couple) that's perfect for your individual interests, and you're sure to feel extra appreciated on the upcoming holiday. As you open up your present from yourself, take a moment to meditate on all of the wonderful things you love about who you are.

Try out soothing essential oils

If you love the smell and the ritual of burning candles, dive into the world of essential oils. This diffuser is especially aesthetically pleasing, and it's perfect for wafting the air with whatever scent you need most in a given moment. Grab lavender essential oil to soothe your mind, or rose for the perfect Valentine's Day atmosphere.

Make your yoga practice extra fun

This super cute yoga mat is thick enough to get you through a lifetime of sun salutations, but light enough that you'll be able to carry it around without batting an eye. Plus, the trendy design is just the thing to bring you a smile every time you unroll your mat.

Bring some nature into your home

Who says you have to wait for someone else to buy you flowers? If the cold weather has really been hitting you hard, bring some reminders of new life into your home with this sweet floral bouquet. The arrangement of snapdragons, roses, lilies, and green mini hydrangeas is built to last for weeks so you'll be able to enjoy them long after Valentine's Day passes.

Read poetry that speaks to your heart

Poetry can be a romantic way to show love to your SO, but it's also a great way to care for your own spirit. Set aside some time for yourself to snuggle up distraction-free with Ada Limón's latest book, which is full of tenderness, strength, and astounding love.

Expand your love of drawing

If drawing helps you calm your mind, you'll love this step-by-step guide to creating beautiful doodles. Plus, this book is packed with goodies like postcards and and colored paper to inspire your creativity even more.

Transform your bath routine

This bath soak is so beautiful that you might have a hard time deciding whether to actually use it, or display it in your bathroom in a pretty glass jar. The next time you want to show your body some extra love, scatter some of this mixture in the tub and you'll float with hibiscus and chamomile flowers. Even better, you'll be supporting a small, women-owned business, which is always a great bonus.

Indulge your chocolate cravings

Every day is perfect for enjoying sweet treats, but on Valentine's Day, really go all in on the self-love by ordering yourself a fancy box of truffles. With luxurious flavors like strawberry créme tart and salted caramel, your taste buds will be sure to enjoy the holiday.