Coming Home To The Scent Of Any Of These 8 Essential Oils Is Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face

by Caroline Burke

Essential oils are the best daily accessory you're probably not using right now. From their medicinal properties to their varied fragrances, there's an essential oil out there for everyone. Especially nowadays, with long hours at work and social media keeping us constantly on our toes, sometimes you need a little extra assistance to just take a deep breath after a long day. This is where essential oils that make you happy come into play.

Essential oils can work to combat depression, anxiety, and tons of other forms of stress. What's more, there are so many different fragrances and herb sources to choose from that it's basically guaranteed you can find and fall in love with at least one essential oil out there.

From the tea tree to your favorite fruit, essential oils often come from parts of nature that trigger feelings of comfort and relaxation. It certainly doesn't hurt that they're natural sedatives, either. It doesn't matter if you have a diffuser, or you just want to dab a few drops on your wrist and temples. An essential oil is a perfect and easy way to incorporate a little bit more "me time" into every one of your days.

Here are eight essential oils that you'll be happy to come home to after a long and chaotic day.


Lily & Lush Eucalyptus Essential Oil, $13, Amazon

The eucalyptus plant has always been used for medicinal and healing purposes, so it only makes sense that concentrated eucalyptus oil is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Eucalyptus essential oil also has other random but equally helpful uses, such as odor removal, cleaning your hands, and cold and flu relief.


Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, $23.28, Amazon

As a powerful sedative, chamomile essential oil is the ultimate way to relax and boost your mood after a long, stressful day at work or school.


Majestic Pure Peppermint Oil, $10.95, Amazon

Most people have a strong opinion on the flavor and scent of mint: You either love it it or you hate it. If you like it, then an invigorating peppermint essential oil is sure to turn your day around, no matter how bad you thought it was.

Wafting a bit of peppermint essential oil through a diffuser will also help wake you up if you're feeling groggy, or you could dab a few drops on your skin to get that cool, refreshing, tingling sensation.


Majestic Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil, $14.95, Amazon

Nature-lovers everywhere, rejoice! This cedarwood essential oil will make you feel right at home, even if you're living in a teeny tiny apartment in the middle of a smog-filled city. Cedarwood essential oil is created by steaming the bark of a cedar tree, so yeah, the smell is pretty damn authentic.


doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil, $14, Amazon

Orange essential oil comes from the concentrate of orange rinds, so it goes without saying that you kind of have to like citrus in order to enjoy this fragrance.

Orange essential oil's sedative effect on the body is said to help with relaxing the muscles, and it can specifically play a role in preventing muscle spasms. This bad boy could be an amazing post-workout treat for your system, or honestly, just for anyone and everyone who loves oranges.


Neroli Oil, $23.27, Amazon

If you're tired of walking down the aisles of perfume stores and seeing insane price tags everywhere you look, you might want to consider dabbing a little neroli essential oil on your neck instead. This particular fragrance is so aromatic and floral that it could seriously pass for a fancy perfume, not to mention the fact that it has mental and physical restorative properties that can help you relax when you're feeling stressed or uptight.

Tea Tree

ArtNaturals Tea Tree Essential Oil, $14.99, Amazon

Tea tree oil has been shown to kill strains of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, so many people use it in homemade cleaning products. However, tea tree essential oil is also an excellent combatant against acne, and honestly, what could make you happier than banishing a few blemishes with ease?


Lemongrass Essential Oil by Edens Garden, $11.30, Amazon

Lemongrass essential oil can be used to relieve muscle pain, help your digestive system, and the natural fragrance effortlessly relaxes you from head to toe.

Fun fact: It's also a key ingredient in many of your favorite Thai food dishes, which is probably why you get hungry every time you take a whiff.