5 Cool Things To Buy For Yourself On Valentine's Day, Because You Deserve All The Love

by Lily Rouff

When did this ridiculous myth get started that Valentine's Day is a celebration reserved exclusively for couples? Sure, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, hookup buddies, and all other varieties of the romantically labeled expect some sign of affection on Feb. 14, but what about celebrating your love for yourself? Whether you are single or coupled up and wanting to send some adoration your own way, there are plenty of gifts to buy yourself on Valentine's Day that'll shower you with all the love.

Between school, work, side hustles, relationships, and everything else we have on our plates, it is really easy to neglect focusing on giving yourself what you need. We look to our partners to make us feel special, but giving yourself the opportunity to tend to you makes for a lot of improvements in your life. According to Shape Magazine, some solo pampering boosts your body image and immunity, encourages optimistic thinking, makes you more encouraging toward others, and can even strengthen your relations. Such a valid excuse to splurge (or score something cheap and awesome), IMO.

Valentine's Day is a great day to stop and give yourself some much-needed appreciation. Here are some gifts that fall nothing short of a (self-) love fest.

1. Something To Up Your Selfie Game

It's 2018 and selfie-shame is no longer a thing. We all take them. (I'm pretty sure my grandma has sent me a selfie at this point.) By imaginary show of hands, how many times do you find yourself trying to find the perfect angle in a way-longer-than-you-feel-comfortable-admitting photo shoot. Looking good can make you feel good, so why not up your game with a LuMee case. If it works for the Kardashians, it has to be good enough for the rest of us.

2. A Break From Your Daily Routine

Pampering yourself is sometimes about biting the bullet on things you normally wouldn't purchase (i.e. the luxury items). It may seem lavish to pay for someone else to glam you up, and that's because it is. But the warm, glowy happiness you'll feel after a professional styling will not only save you time, but take you through the day feeling like a million bucks, which is totally how you should feel.

3. The Gift Of Creative Inspiration

Tapping into creativity can be hard. There are a ton of mental blockers (and just busy life stuff) that can get in the way of expressing yourself artistically. Sometimes, though, all it takes is a physical vehicle to get you there. Personalizing a journal, sketchbook, or notebook for music lyrics might be the inspiration you need to get the creative flow going.

4. A Way To Display It, Not Say It

OK, it is a little obnoxious to tell people how much you love yourself over and over again, but wearing something that shows how much you love yourself is far more subtle. A piece of jewelry with your initials or name declares your self-love without screaming it from the rooftops. Plus, the sentiment you'll tie to it never runs the risk of getting awkward after a breakup.

5. That Vacation You've Been Eyeing

Denni Van Huis/Stocksy

There are so many places on my seemingly never-ending list of potential adventures, but it can sometimes feel difficult to sync up with friends and family to find the time (and agree on the destination). Heading out on your own has never been easier. Travel advisors like Jubel and Little Voyage plan custom, one-of-a-kind journeys for solo travelers or groups, while companies like Contiki give travelers the opportunity to join groups. Not only will you explore a new place, but you'll get to know yourself better along the way.

Let Cupid's arrow strike inward this Feb. 14. Just try not to forget about getting something awesome for your SO, too (if you have one).

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