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7 Underrated Family Vacay Ideas For Bonding & Making New Mems

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The goal of any vacation is typically to unwind, explore, and relax. But if you're going on a family vacation, then you may have some other motives. You might want to bond with your people and make memories you can talk about at parties and barbecues for decades to come. That's where this list of underrated family vacation ideas will come in handy. They basically guarantee you'll do something new and exciting, and jump into adventure with your family right by your side.

Whether they take you across the country or somewhere right in your backyard, they ensure you'll check items off your bucket list — but not alone. To be honest, that can be the very best way to adventure. When the ones you care deeply about travel the world and have experiences with you, you get to see their reactions as they see the Eiffel Tower or go snorkeling over a shipwreck for the first time. You get to take a bite out of a fresh batch of homemade pasta in Italy and share a moment of bliss, together.

The memories are irreplaceable. And if you take one of these underrated family vacation ideas to heart, you'll be bonded with your family members for life.

Staying In A Unique Hotel In Lofoten, Norway

If you and your family members love spending time outdoors and don't mind colder temperatures, then head to a unique hotel in Lofoten, Norway. This group of islands in the northern part of the country is filled with landscapes you don't want to miss, including snowy mountains and stunning views of the Northern Lights. Check into Manshausen Island's seacabins for a truly epic and otherworldly trip.

Renting A Cottage In Cape Cod In The Winter

Growing up, your family vacations may have consisted of going to Cape Cod, Massachusetts or another beachy location that's fairly close to your home. You may have packed up the trunk of your car with beach chairs, towels, and sunscreen, and taken a drive to a cute cottage near the shore. Make new mems this winter by renting a place with ocean waves and lots of snowy walking trails. Load your suitcase up with snacks and board games, and have the coziest trip yet.

Touring The Sights In San Francisco

There's so much to see and do in the gorgeous city of San Francisco, California. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman's Wharf, your family members will never be bored if you choose to vacay here. Just be sure to pack a good camera and pair of walking shoes so you can document your days under the golden sun.

Hopping On A Plane To Santorini, Greece
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Odds are, you have a bucket list that's jam-packed with dreamy locations you want to explore. However, you may have been holding off going to them because you wanted your BFF or significant other to come, too. Have you considered taking your fam along — hopping on a plane and checking into a cute Airbnb in Santorini, Greece with your day ones? It'll surely be a memorable getaway — especially when you're shopping in town and watching colorful sunsets.

Checking Into A Boutique Hotel In Boston

Spend quality time with your family by checking into a chic boutique hotel in Boston for a few nights. You and your cousins will love the luxe experience from start to finish — whether you're chilling by a cozy fireplace in the Lenox Hotel, or drinking wine and watching boats pass by in the Boston harbor at the Battery Wharf Hotel.

Exploring Bryce Canyon National Park In Utah
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Whether you and your family are currently located out West or would need to take a flight to Utah, you should pick a weekend and head to Bryce Canyon National Park. This place is perfect for adventurers and explorers of all kinds — from the cousin in your family who travels on the reg, to your aunt who wants to relax on her vacays. There are all levels of hiking trails, and they also hold an annual astronomy festival.

Hanging Out In Your Family's Hometown

Last but not least, if you want to go on a totally underrated vacation with your family members, look no further than the place you (and maybe your parents, too) grew up. It may not seem like it at first glance, but it's the perfect spot for a short getaway where you can reconnect with your siblings and take a break from the "real world."

Simply coordinate with your family on when they're available to visit, come home for a week, or take days off of work. Then, plan an itinerary with good food and chill activities in mind. It'll make for a truly unforgettable time.