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7 Last-Minute Experiences To Give Your Sis That Don't Cost A Thing


When it comes to getting presents for the ones you love, your time (and wallet) may be running out. There are only a few nights left when you can run to the mall and purchase the sneakers your brother put on his wishlist, or find a hilarious book to give to your dad. Do yourself a favor and opt for one of these last-minute experience gifts for your sister, in particular. They don't cost a thing, but are still filled with so much love.

To be honest, a gift that's picked out with love and thoughtfulness is the best kind of gift. It shows your people that you pay attention to what matters most to them, whatever that may be. It shows you were totally listening to their wild stories, work-related rants, and huge dreams for the future within the past year, too. These kinds of experience gifts are also really unexpected, and always cue the greatest reactions or a cheery, "Surprise!"

For example, when your sis unwraps a gift that's tied to an inside joke you had when you were kids or one of her goals for the new year, she's going to have all the heart eyes. She'll probably reach across the room and give you a gigantic hug. Here are seven last-minute experience gifts to get you started.

Create A Bunch Of At-Home Facials For Her
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If your sis is in need of some rest and relaxation, create a bunch of at-home facials for her. Go on Pinterest and look up different recipes that use items in your kitchen. Then, pull out the ingredients and mix them like so. Store the facials in different containers that you can wrap up and put under the tree. She'll likely appreciate the time and effort you put into this gift, and her future self-care night.

Make Her A Mood Board Kit For The New Year

Your sis might have a lot of big goals and dreams going into the new year, and you should show your unwavering support by making her a mood board kit for 2020. Simply use clips from magazines that you two already get, or print out some pictures at home of people who inspire and motivate her. Place them in a gift box, along with a note that says, "Next year is going to be a #mood. Let's dream about it together," and then plan a day to actually make some inspiring and ~artsy~ mood boards.

Sign Up For A Charity 5K Run Or Walk

Fitness might be your sister's jam. She may love waking up early to hit the gym, attend a yoga class, or take a quick run around your neighborhood. That's why you should gift her a charity 5K run or walk that you can do together in the next year. It'll give you two something to look forward to, and a chance to contribute to an amazing cause.

Have A Romantic Comedy Movie Night

Over the years, you and your sis might have watched a lot of romantic comedies together. The Proposal? You've seen it, like, 10 times. Clueless? Of course. 13 Going On 30? You can recite every single line. So this year for the holidays, plan a fun night when you two can get comfortable on the couch and watch the films you know and love. Popcorn, soda, and other snacks will be required.

Coordinate A Surprise Visit With Her Long-Distance Bestie

If you need a quality, last-minute gift for your sis, then look no further than her long-distance bestie. Odds are, your sister wants to see her and misses her greatly, but she might not have had the time to coordinate the plans and make it happen. Take the itinerary into your own hands and gift her a truly priceless gift for the holidays.

Bring Her On A Personalized Photo Shoot

Does your sister want some new #content for the 'Gram? If so, take her on a personalized photo shoot around the city. Be her photographer, following her around with a camera as she poses in subway cars, outside of storefronts, and in the dreamiest places you can find. Then, edit them for her using the best editing apps of the year.

Take Care Of Errands For Her

Around the holidays when most of us are running from store to store looking for the perfect gifts and trying to still "adult," we may put our usual errands on the back-burner. These are the returns that need to be done, or the box of clothes in your sister's closet that she still needs to donate. As a gift, take care of these errands for your sis so she can check some major items off her to-do list. She'll love you forever for it (and for many other reasons, too).