A mother and daughter sit in holiday pajamas with their dog on their kitchen counter.
8 Gifts For Mom That Don't Cost A Thing, But Are So Priceless


The way your mom or the mom figure in your life reacts to your gifts is always priceless. Her face might glow at the sight of a gift tag with your name on it right next to the word "love," and beam bright when she undoes the ribbons and pulls out the pretty tissue paper. She may start tearing up at the sight of an item that's practically made for her. But right now, you may be looking for holiday 2019 gifts for mom that don't cost a thing and provide that picture-perfect reaction.

You can always buy Mom something she's been eyeing in the store, but you want to get creative with your gifting this year and come up with something unique that isn't accompanied by a credit card swipe. Experience gifts — where you spend an afternoon with your mom having a ball — have the potential to be the best gifts under the tree.

They give you and your mom quality time together which is probably exactly what she wants. Her reaction to these kinds of gifts will also be priceless, and maybe come with some happy tears, too. Here are eight ideas to get you started. Gifting has never been so amazing.

Learn And Cook Mom's Most Famous Recipes

If your mom loves cooking, baking, or serving elaborate meals, then she likely has more than a few famous recipes tucked away in her kitchen. These may note the ingredients that go into her tomato sauce, or the necessary steps to bake her one-of-a-kind cookies. This holiday season, surprise her and whip up the spicy tamales or legendary chicken dish you might have grown up with.

Take Care Of Her Chores For A Day

Skip the lines at the mall and take care of your mom's chores for a day. Wash the dishes after your big meal, vacuum the house after company has come and gone, and more. She'll appreciate the much-deserved break and the spare time to do whatever her heart desires.

Give Her An At-Home Manicure

In the midst of doing holiday shopping and decorating, Mom may not have gotten a manicure or treated herself to a facial. That's why you should gift her an at-home spa day, complete with gel polish, slices of cucumber, and relaxing music playing in the background. It'll cost zero dollars, but make your mom feel like a million bucks.

Make A Video Saying Everything You Love About Her

Your mom would likely adore a homemade video from you noting all the things you love about her the most. To make this gift, simply pull out your phone and hit "record." It's that easy and will be something your mom cherishes forever.

Have A Picnic In Your Living Room

Have you ever had a picnic in the middle of your living room? If not, you totally should with your mom. Lay out a big blanket on the floor near the fireplace, and gather snacks for the two of you to share from the kitchen. Then, brew her a cup of warm tea with a lemon slice in the spirit of the season.

Recreate An Old Picture

Around the holidays, you may scroll through social media and see a lot of families recreating pictures from ages ago. For a sentimental and sweet holiday gift to your mom, you can take an old picture and recreate it, too. Simply find a snap you know she loves, get your siblings together, and say "cheese."

Plan A Visit With Her Family Who Lives Far

Do you know what gift would really cue the happy tears this holiday season? Arranging a visit with your mom and her family who lives far away. Coordinate a date when you can all meet up at a restaurant or go on a weekender together. Wrap it up by writing all the details in a card and placing it under the tree.

Take Her On A Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Your City

If you've moved out in the past year or so and haven't had the chance to show your mom around your new town or city, now is your chance. For the holidays, create an itinerary for a self-guided walking tour of your area, and take your mom on it if and when she has a free day. Show her the store windows you love walking by and the hiking trails you go to in the summer. End the day at your place with laughs and snacks.