These Airbnbs In Santorini Were Made For Your Next Girls Trip

by Ciara Johnson

With summer right around the corner, it's time to gather your besties and plan a sisterhood-inspired girls trip. There's nothing like getting away from it all with your day ones. They've had your back at home, and now it's time to create more memories abroad that will last a lifetime. If there's one place you should have on your travel radar, it's Santorini. I'm sure you've seen those iconic white and blue homes on your Instagram feed and now it's time see them in IRL. These Airbnbs in Santorini are made for your next girls trip.

Santorini is an island unlike any place in the world. Shaped by a volcano eruption, the island's whitewashed adobe homes rest on jagged cliffs. Santorini is super unique, so naturally, it looks like it was made for the 'Gram. People typically think of Santorini as a romantic destination, but it's also perfect for a girls trip. You'll never get bored wandering through the maze of cluttered cave homes. Santorini is also known for stunning sunsets, along with unusual red sand and black sand beaches. You can feast on Greek food, visit vineyards, and sail along the island's blue waters. Basically, you and your girls will have no problem finding activities to enjoy together. A cliffside Airbnb villa in Santorini will just make your girl's trip that much more epic.

This Millennial Pink Cave House

This millennial pink cave in Santorini is an absolute dream. Most of the homes are white and blue, so this one definitely stands out. In fact, this home is shown in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. You'll start the morning with a free breakfast platter, and you'll end the evening hot tub chillin' with an insane view of Santorini's famous sunset. You can even celebrate your friendship with a toast of homemade wine offered by the host. The host also hooks it up with free deserts from a variety of restaurants on the Island. Um, can we book this Insta-worthy Airbnb ASAP?

A Villa With An Insta-Worthy Cave Pool

Can't you just imagine you and your besties lounging in this cave jacuzzi with a glass of wine in hand? This cozy Airbnb apartment is in a secluded part of Santorini, so you can get away from the crowds whenever you wish. This is the perfect place to relax after a long day of visiting the island's red and black sand beaches. You can chill with your girls in peace on a private terrace with views that are out of this world.

An Ancient Cave House With Insane Views

We need to talk about this view. How epic would it be to take a dip in this plunge pool? This cliffside Airbnb cave has been around for 250 years. You can enjoy this home with up to four friends in Santorini's most popular neighborhood.

A Modern Studio Villa

This Santorini studio villa would be perfect for you and your BFFL. The host will pick you up directly from the airport and provide you with breakfast daily. There's a heated jacuzzi that's perfect for late-night conversations and a glass of wine.

A Stylish Suite With Volcano Views

This stylish Airbnb suite will feel like home. You'll have an epic volcano view from your private terrace. You'll definitely work a sweat walking down 60 steps once you arrive, but it looks worth it to me. You'll be away from the crowds, with easy access to some of the island's hottest attractions. The hosts have your back with their insider knowledge of the best restaurants, shops, and activities that Santorini has to offer.

Simply being in Santorini is a treat, but securing a dope villa will be the icing on the cake. There's no better way to see Santorini's breathtaking setting than with your girls.