The "Me At The Start Of 2017 Vs. End" Meme Is The Laugh-Cry 2017 Deserves

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Whether you've been following the giant sinkhole that is U.S. politics, or if you're merely witnessing the general downward spiral of our planet, there's no doubt that this year has aged you by about 50 years. So after 2017 has taken an irrevocable toll on your sanity and our happiness, many are undoubtedly clamoring for a (hopefully) brighter new year. If you, too, feel that 2017 has completely degraded your mental state, make sure to check out these seven tweets about me at the start of 2017 versus me now, because, trust me — most of the Twitterverse is feeling the same way you are. And, in a state of utter helplessness, sometimes the best thing to do is to laugh about it — which, reminder, is the step that takes place after making sure you're actively contributing and protesting for what you believe in to ultimately create a better society!

Maybe Donald Trump's infamous travel ban has you feeling totally hopeless for the state of our country and has created irreversible worry lines that have quite literally forced you to age from a child into an old man, Star Wars: The Last Jedi-style.

Along with social justice, we pray that 2018 brings back your youth.

Or, maybe the unbelievably painful, ongoing list of men in power who have caused the #MeToo movement has taken an enormous toll on your sad and lifeless soul... so much so that you might actually feel quite similar to Donald Trump's animatronic figure in the Disney Hall of Fame.

At the stroke of midnight on Jan. 1, 2018, we hope, for your sake, that you turn back into an actual human (just not Donald Trump).

There's a chance that Hurricane Maria's dire effects on Puerto Rico are starting to turn you from a somewhat creepy Christopher Walken into a much more terrifying Christopher Walken.

For everyone's sake, we hope 2018 brings you a haircut... and maybe an attitude adjustment.

Although you might've felt like a young, "Toxic"-era Britney earlier in January, you may currently be emulating more of a 2007 B. Spears...

Especially after realizing the self-explanatory impending doom coming to our planet, after watching that heart-wrenching video of a starving polar bear. But, as they say, "if Britney survived 2007, you can too." We're really hoping that 2018 has you once again whipping out your red "Oops!...I Did it Again" space jumpsuit, and that it even gets you a sweet residency in Las Vegas.

The fact that someone with allegations of sexual misconduct with several minors could have possibly been the senator of Alabama may actually be transforming you from a slightly demonic animatronic from a rendition of The Nutcracker into a Star Wars ewok.

Moore denied allegations of wrongdoing. Either way, we will still accept you for who you are. We can guarantee that you're going to be okay.

You might be transforming from a relatively happy Alan Rickman into an unruly and shocked Alan Rickman (RIP) if the daunting fact that the United States is one of three countries in the world that are no longer about to be part of the Paris Accord is at the forefront of your worry list.

Along with Syria and Nicaragua, the United States will no longer regard greenhouse gas limits, which many fear will likely put climate change into the hands of China.

There's a chance you're still be feeling pretty much the same from the start of this year... except maybe for the cool hat you bought.

Then, like many of us out here, there's a chance that you were already pretty haggard at the beginning of the year, and you still are... likely resulting from the 2016 presidential election. Oh well!

If 2017 has literally been the bane of your existence, and if you feel like it has taking an indescribable toll on your emotions, don't worry — we're feeling just as down in the dumps as you are. But try to stay positive going into the new year because a fresh start is really what we're all hoping for.

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