7 Times Your Guy Friends Make The Best BFFs You Could Ever Ask For

Michela Ravasio/Stocksy

Oh, boys. Our girl friends are our soul sisters. They're the ones we go to for spontaneous dance parties, late night nugget runs, and Gossip Girl reruns. They put up with our tears, and talk with us until we smile. Yeah, we love our gal pals -- but our guy friends are sometimes the most underrated in our bestie bunch. They're the boys we trust, and the buds who feel more like brothers. They're the ones that will protect us, but also push us to be better. There are a million times your guy friends are the best friends you could ever ask for -- but let's look at just a few.

Maybe you met your guy bestie growing up, or found a whole squad to call your own at college. However your personal boy band entered your life, I hope you appreciate and love them as much as an actual boy band. (Long live the Jonas Brothers and Backstreet Boys.)

Truth is, you're awfully special to them, too. You might give them girl advice, or make them mac and cheese when they're hungover. You've probably on more than one occasion picked them out of a sticky situation or given them a couch to chill on.

Yeah, they love their gal pals, too. But, before we start cheering ourselves on, let's hear it for the boys. What would we do without them?

They Ditch The Drama

Girl fights are the worst, and guys know it. As girls, we can be pretty petty sometimes. We'll fight over hidden meanings in text messages, and play the passive-aggressive role way too often. We get jealous of our girl BFFs for landing that date, or the dream job. It can be pretty brutal.

But boys are blunt. When they're mad, they'll tell you -- and then talk it out with you, before hugging it out. Drama, done. Why can't it always be that easy?

They Call You Out

Bad outfit, bad attitude, or bad joke? Your boys will be the first tell you.

Our guy friends don't ever hold back when it comes to calling us out. In some ways, it makes us really #blessed because they keep us grounded (and only slightly humiliated).

Nobody wants to have an ego, or be the sour one in their squad. Our guy best friends remind us that life is all about being able to laugh at yourself, and letting the good times roll.

They Do The Heavy Lifting

Our guy best friends will always be there to do the heavy lifting. They sit with us and have a heart-to-heart (because who else would they share their feeling with?), picking up the pieces some other guy created. They listen to our biggest hopes and dreams, and lift us up when we need the extra strength.

More literally, our guy friends are also there to pick up the heavy boxes when we're moving and lift the loads we just couldn't carry ourselves. Whether it's with a strong mind or strong muscles, they're always there to help when things get heavy.

They're Always Down For An Adventure

Nobody will appreciate an adventure like your guy friends. Wine nights and Netflix are for your lady friends. Bar crawls, Wii bowling tournaments, and spontaneous beach trips are for your boys. They're likely be down for some of your craziest ideas, and bring you along for some of their coolest ones, too.

You get to see life from a different perspective when they go to unreal feats for fun and friendship. Do it for the 'Gram, right?

They Come To The Rescue On The Reg

Creepy guy at the bar? Have no fear! Your best bud is here.

Need a beer recommendation or someone to banter with you about the latest episode of Game of Thrones? Welp! He'll be right there, with an IPA in hand and a thousand theories you'll have to think over.

Not sure what to say to that cute guy from class? Don't fret! Your best bud will know exactly what a guy wants, and keep that crush on the down low until you're ready.

Our best guy friends are our best wingmans, security guards, and life enhancers. No days off.

They Tell You Everything

Guys really don't hold back. Where girls often try to have a filter, guys don't. Sometimes this makes them difficult to date -- but it also makes the best of friends to have around.

Your number one guy answers all your weirdest questions about dudes. He tells you all his secrets before anyone else, and keeps yours in return.

They're Just Always There

In college, there was a group of guys we were friends with that without fail would always just be hanging on our futon when we got home from class. They'd be watching Chopped, Inkmaster, or some other show that soon enough we were hooked on.

Your guy friends will always be there. They're forever friends. Sure, they might not be letting themselves in to lay on the couch on the reg, but they're really only ever a text message away whenever you need them.