7 Things You Run Away From In Your 20s, But Really Shouldn't

You're navigating a whole new world now that you're — dare I say — an adult, and you're bound to be unsure of what to do at one point or another. You're only human, after all. You'll make mistakes, and have countless adventures, too — so don't run in the opposite direction when challenges present themselves. Don't be scared to take a chance on a new experience, either. The things you run away from in your 20s really aren't so scary, and you should start embracing them instead. Once you do, you'll come to realize that you figured this thing called life out along the way. Kind of cool how things fall into place, huh?

Truth is, you've made it this far. You've gotten through late-night study sessions and the stress that came along with completing many term papers — with flying colors. So, going forward, your inner compass will steer you in the right direction just the same. You're not alone in wanting to run away from your problems and everything that falls within the unknown, but by embracing them, you become the person you were always meant to be. You can handle these seven things, so it's time to take a deep breath. You've got this.

Finding Adventure

You've heard it enough by now that adventure is out there, but sometimes you may have your doubts. When you're spending your weeks in front of a screen and working harder than ever, the real world can seem so dull. You may begin to settle for a usual routine, ordering the same cup of coffee from your local cafe and believing this as good as it's going to get. Since when did you stop reaching for the stars?

There's always something to be said for putting in your time at the bottom of the totem pole, but there's also no reason why you can't take life's challenges and turn them into experiences. Travel the world, pursue your passions, and watch what happens when you at least try. The world is too wide to run away from adventure.

Making Mistakes

Why are we so afraid of being wrong? As a 20-something, you'll make a thousand mistakes and that's totally OK. You'll cook the turkey wrong at Thanksgiving dinner, or skip out on a coffee date with your bestie. Learning how to be humble this way is important in life, which is why so many of us should stop running away from failure. Making mistakes means that you're living and not just existing. You have enough courage to fall down seven times, and then stand right back up.

Finding Love

Let's get sweet on love. Calling it quits on love and assuming you'll never find "the one" is one thing you shouldn't do in your 20s. Some people run away from relationships, because they've either dealt with the heartbreak before or can't figure out what they really want. That's OK, but whether you're loving yourself or another person, you shouldn't entirely give up.

Kissing frogs is just part of it all. Everything happens for a reason, and you learn so much about yourself when you love someone else. It's almost always a rollercoaster ride, but you're strong enough to ride it out. Put some faith in the universe, too. The stars have it all figured out.

Handling Money

Math? No thanks. Figuring out your finances doesn't always sound fun. Making your first budget seems so scary, and you might rather want to run away than read the numbers on the screen. Truth is, managing your money looks more intimidating than it actually is. Once you figure out a spending style that works out best for you, it'll feel so good.

Some months you might treat yo' self, and others you'll be saving so that one day you can move into your own apartment or maybe get a pet. Money doesn't always have to be such a negative thing on our minds, and learning how to handle yours properly will make all the difference in the long run.

Living At Home Post-College

Once you've graduated college and are attempting to figure out what's next, living at home again can seem brutal. You may be longing to travel the world, or live in a new city. In reality, you should stop running, and embrace this time in your life.

Being 20-something means that there are a thousand different paths you can take. You might have spent most of your life taking the trail that had already been paved, and now it's up to you to pick where you want to go. Moving out is most definitely going to be on your mind in your 20s, because you want your independence and to feel like an "adult." But, being home has its perks, too, and you shouldn't run away from your roots.

Trying Something New

Many of us are used to deciding we don't like something, and avoiding it at all costs. Spiders, scary movies, and for some, guacamole, are all things that this world could be without. But, what we don't realize is that trying something new often opens up a lot of doors and gives us a much-needed shift in perspective.

If you're feeling stuck, this is the time to take that pottery class or have a conversation with that coworker you never seemed to get along with. Let it all be an adventure. The unknown isn't a black hole in the middle of outer space, and you shouldn't run away from the potential opportunity that is out there.

Being Happy

Running away from happiness might not sound real, but so many of us do it in one way or another. You see, the minute we start avoiding things like adventure, love, or handling our money, we cut ourselves off from something that's potentially so good.

Think about how amazing it would feel to follow your dreams, or know that you can spend some money on that pair of shoes this month. Don't run away before you can even see that the grass is greener right on the side you're on. Happiness is right in your hands. So once again, take a deep breath and let go of your worries. The real world is full of a lot of roses, you just need to smell them instead of running away.