A "Sistermoon" Is The Girls' Getaway You & Your Number One Have Been Sleeping On

Have you ever heard of a "sistermoon?" Well, before you hit up Google to see what celestial event is on the way, it has nothing to do with a show that's taking place in the night sky. A sistermoon is an annual getaway you take with your sis to strengthen your bond and create even more unforgettable memories. Your sistermoon trip ideas should revolve around places and activities you know you and your main squeeze will enjoy exploring together.

Think of it as a family vacay, but only with your number one girl. This trip is crucial so that you and your ride or die can catch up. (You know, since life's responsibilities can oftentimes get in the way of seeing each other as often as you'd like.)

Whether you pick a spot that you can bring your pool floats or yoga mats, you and your sis deserve this relaxing time with each other. Oh, and if you want to get super nostalgic, throw in a hair braiding session or '90s hip-hop-themed brunch. Even though "sistermoon" may not have anything to do with outer space, with any of these seven ideas, the feels will seriously be out of this world.

Embark On A Cruise To The Caribbean

If there's anything you and your sister will effortlessly know how to do together, it's enjoying a cruise. Jam-pack your itinerary, or live on the spontaneous side and ditch the planner. Either way, there's plenty of time for laying out on the deck in the sunshine, or leaving the ship to see what the shore has in store for you.

Plan A Glamping Weekend In Colorado
Lexia Frank/Stocksy

Want to soak up those camping feels without the camping struggles? If so, a glamping trip will be right up your alley. You and your sis can sleep in a chic, decked-out tent with incredible amenities and scenic views. There are dozens of places to choose from for a weekend spent reminiscing under the stars, so consider using Glamping Hub to narrow down your search.

Live Your Best Life In Las Vegas

There are so many ways to experience Vegas. You and your sister can already envision the two of you splashing around during the dope day parties at the pool. If you can afford to splurge a bit, make sure you have a room overlooking all of the neon lights, and don't forget to see a show or two.

Find Your Zen At A Yoga Retreat

There's nothing like a whole weekend of yoga, farm-to-table dinners, and group sessions that help you find your center. You and your sis likely have matching workout pants, so it's time to pack them up for a rejuvenating weekend trip. Luckily, you can find various types of retreats depending on where you want to go and what you want to do there.

Sip And Cheers In Wine Country

Bonding over wine is easy, but dedicating a few days to sipping at different vineyards will take some planning. Book an Airbnb or stay in a hotel in the heart of wine country. Want to get super creative? The Treehouse Vineyards in North Carolina features "Papa's Dream Treehouse" where you can stay the night. Treehouses, wine, scenic views, and your sister — how could things get any better than that?

Relax In Jamaica
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Pack your bags so you can spend your days soaking up an all-inclusive resort experience in Jamaica. Get those bathing suits ready, because laying out on the white sandy beach is must. There are a few locations to choose from, but all of those accommodations sound incredibly inviting.

Be Disney Kids For A Weekend

Your sis is one of the only people who woke up with you on Saturday mornings and watched cartoons. Those were the days, and the magic that comes with traveling to Disneyland is still so intriguing. Get matching Minnie Mouse ears, and try to take a picture with every character you can find. Dedicate some time to trying as many of those yummy Disney treats as you can.

No more sleeping on the everlasting affects of a sistermoon trip. It's a tradition that'll give you, your sis, and your relationship so much life.