7 Fun Weekend Trips To Take With Your Sis That You Probably Never Thought Of

Think about the one person you would do absolutely anything with. If you have a sister, she's probably the first person who pops into your head. She's your ride or die, and no matter what's going on in your life, you're always ready for adventures with her. Planning fun weekend getaways to take with your sister is what you live for, and if you can both experience something new, you are here for it.

Ever since the two of you were building forts in the living room or pitching tents in the backyard, your imaginations have always planted creative ideas in your heads. Now that you're older, that wanderlust hasn't changed, and even if you aren't necessarily hopping on a plane for a weekend getaway, you're ready to explore. It might seem like the two of you have done it all, but that's only because you always have the itinerary jam-packed when the two of you get together.

Coordinating a few days together? The fun starts in the planning. There are hardly enough hours in the day, so if you want to feel like you made use of your weekend getaway with your day one, try pairing up and tackling a few not-so-obvious opportunities.

Make Reservations At A Wine Spa
meritageresort on Twitter

You ladies are no strangers to a good sip or two. The Meritage Resort & Spa in Napa Valley is truly the place for you. Wine is one of the most relaxing drinks ever, and while you are being pampered during a mani and pedi, there's no other place you'd rather be.

Oh, and don't forget that right across from you is your other half. That's the icing on the cake.

Have Lunch At A Public Country Club
kylewaltonmaine on Twitter

Feeling fancy, are we? Normally, country clubs have the whole membership process and stuff, but public country clubs allow you to dabble in the life of luxury without that commitment. Bask in the sun with some mimosas, and enjoy a delicious lunch as you try and understand what the rules of golfing even are.

Spend The Weekend In A Historic Airbnb

Take a step into history and stay an entire weekend in a home that is literally a time capsules for years way before the two of you were around. History is amazing in the way that it never changes, and you can visit different parts of it depending on where you go. This specific property in Savannah, Georgia is The Douglas House which sits in the historic downtown area. The original owner of the property dates back to 1883.

Volunteer For Meals On Wheels
_mealsonwheels on Twitter

Giving back is always worth your time. Meals on Wheels allows you to deliver food to eight to ten people in your local surroundings. It's a great way to get involved in your community and get to know people you probably don't see very often. You and your sis would be perfect volunteer partners, and you know it.

Attend Open Houses For Fancy Homes You Have No Intention Of Buying
tamaractalk on Twitter

One can dream, right? Gorgeous mansions and charming homes are always up for sale. Getting online and searching for these dream homes is the easy part. The hard part will be looking inside of them and wanting to make an offer that'll make your wallet cringe.

Pick a dreamy location and make a weekend out of it. You and your sister will swoon together and say, "Oh, someday."

Attend Wharf Fest In San Francisco
misscindrich on Twitter

Love seafood and walking the streets of San Francisco? Wharf Fest is an event in October that features a dope street festival and chowder competitions. Fisherman's Wharf is so much fun and the streets of San Fran are so vibrant and energetic. It's the perfect place to attend any kind of festival. Real foodies leave a part of their heart in San Fran.

Rent A Houseboat On A Lake In Arizona
best_at_travel on Twitter

Take in some scenic mountain ranges as you stay afloat aboard a cute houseboat. The views will be amazing and the peace and quiet will give the two of you time to catch up and chat. A lovely meal on the water with your favorite bottle of wine will make this little sister getaway a trip to remember forever and always.

Traveling or experiencing new things with your sister will always bring your heart so much joy. She's your partner for life.