8 Things Only Your Sister & A Road Trip Can Truly Fix

Life can majorly suck at times, and right when you think you're about to freak the heck out from being overwhelmed, your sis is right there to swoop you up and hit the road. Seems like a pretty simple escape, right? You love and cherish that simplicity, and thankfully there are many incredible reasons why you should go on a road trip with your sis that are better than any other remedy you can think of.

Blame it on the open road and her even more open ears, but with those two things in your corner, you're on your way out of whatever frustrations are wreaking havoc in your life. While any venting session with your sister is heaven-sent, having her on the road with you gives you a different level of contentment and that feeling of being safe and listened to.

We all need that security of knowing that no matter how much you sob, cry, or scream about something, you won't be judged or scorned. Our sisters and road trips are the rejuvenation we need when we feel like all odds are against us. Even if you don't know where you're going, by her side is exactly where you need to be. Any of these real-life, leave-me-the-hell-alone situations can certainly be fixed with your sis and the road.

If You Recently Got Fired

When you get fired, it's almost hard to explain the thoughts that run through your mind. At first, you are in a stage of shock, and then immediately you want to rush to whatever secluded area you can, so that you don't cry in public. You feel like you don't know what to do, and while you may not have a solid back up plan, your sis is just what you need to help you figure things out.

If You're Recovering From A Messy Breakup

Messy breakups take a little piece of you with them. Honestly, nothing that you're invested in emotionally is ever easy to cut loose.

When you're dealing with the aftermath of a messy breakup, you normally want to be alone, but that really makes you more prone to sulk and drown in misery. Clearing your head doesn't get any easier than you, your sis, and the beautiful open road.

If You're Fighting Through Post-Grad Blues

Bye, college... but, what the hell am I supposed to do now? That limbo you find yourself in right after college is so freaking agonizing. You knew college had to end someday, but naturally, you second guess how ready you are to face the real world. You need some soul searching, and what better way to do that than tagging along with your other half?

If You Want To Forget About A Not-So-Good Semester

OK, maybe you're still in school, and as much as you would love to be a straight "A" student, your report card was far from that. Sh*t happens, and you can either mourn over a semester that you can't repeat or do some rejuvenating and try better next time. Hint: The second option is the better choice.

If You Just Want To Get Away

Adulting gets to the best of us. Since the whole act of growing up can spread us in so many directions and hold us accountable for various responsibilities, we want to get the hell away at times. We aren't running away from anything, but we need to recuperate.

If You're Trying To Cope With Being Ghosted

For starters, ghosting should be illegal, and a person should be able to sue for emotional distress. It's horrible and leaves you feeling super abandoned. And what counteracts being abandoned? Your sis being there with a full tank of gas, no map, and a listening ear to your situation.

If You Lost Your Favorite Character On Your Fave TV Show

OK, I know this is super basic, but you have to consider all that's involved with this scenario. You've been cooped up in the house watching a specific show, became attached to a character, and then out of nowhere, they are killed off in the shadiest way possible. It is heartbreaking as hell, and you need to get out of the house to deal with the trauma. Thanks, Netflix.

If You Had A Falling Out With Your BFF

Look, it happens. You and your BFF have a huge fight, and before you do any more damage than you already have, you need to talk about it with your day one BFF -- your sis. Of course, she is going to call you out on your wrongs, and somewhere between getting lost a few times and cussing out Siri, you have an epiphany about how you can fix things back home.

A road trip with your sister is the medicine you need to fix those life aches you can't seem to shake. No matter how many pit stops life hands you, she'll always be you favorite destination.