7 Signs You & Bae Will Make It Past The One-Year Mark, According To Real Women

by Sydnee Lyons

I remember attending a summer barbecue one year with my partner at the time. One of our friends casually asked how long we had been together and we — just as casually — responded that it had actually been a year that weekend. We didn't celebrate the occasion or post any photos online but to me, that signaled the moment our relationship became an even more serious one. I'm sure there are preliminary signs your relationship will last beyond the one-year point or signs that it'll even make it there but I needed the reassurance of actually achieving that first major milestone.

Not everyone feels the same way. Some women say they know immediately when their relationship is going to last and when it isn't. I, a fervent disbeliever, thought this was some sort of sorcery every other woman learned when they were younger while I was memorizing Bible verses in Catholic school. Was I out sick the day everyone got their Magic 8 Ball of relationships or something?

I was determined to find out exactly what these women looked for in every new relationship. How did they know that they'd make it past those first few weeks where both people pretend to be busy for hours before texting back? This is my least favorite phase and if there's a light at the end of this Millennial tunnel, I'd love to know.

Here's what seven women say are telltale signs your relationship is built to last. If any of these scream you and your partner, you can start planning your one-year anniversary Instagram caption now.

If one of you walks away from an argument without any interest in resolving the problem, it's safe to say it'll be just as easy to walk away from the relationship.

How you guys handle arguments is a good indication of how long you will last. Growing together as life changes you both;e hopefully for the better.

- ShedaPitaBread

Meeting your partner's friends is crucial in the beginning stages of a relationship so this is a logical next step.

He/she: - tells any family member about you - you discuss your future.

- luv_dhari

Not all signs are good; some signs actually read "Hazard Ahead" in big, bold letters.

Red flag if he won’t let you do your own thing from time to time. Like if he tries to guilt you into seeing him when you were excited about going out with your girls or even just staying home tonight and doing nothing.

- Baltusrol

Talking about the future together suggests that you imagine a future with them in it and vice versa. Translation: If they've seen your wedding Pinterest board and they're still around, it's a go.

When you both discuss your future and all scenarios the partner is in them with you. When you two are a team and you think more so for their well being than your own! My guy and I compliment each other oddly well so we both knew from the start that we'd be together forever. I doubt this is the case with everyone though!

- ikc_

I've found that this rule works for friendships, too. It's OK to sit in silence sometimes.

My current relationship is reaching the 4 year mark. I knew we would last because he’s the only person I don’t get sick of, I could spend all day with him and not feel the need or want to go home. Also, being able to share comfortable silence & enjoy each other’s company while doing our own thing (i.e. me on the computer, him playing video games, both mutually enjoying each others presence with out the need to be directly engaged with the other person).

- waffleh0us

What I'm sensing is that being passive aggressive when there's tension in a relationship might not be the best move.

Strong communication skills, shared values, and dedication to commitment bode well for lasting relationships but that's kind of it. Shit happens. Life circumstances change. There's no way to truly know for sure if something will last and how long.

- lemonylips

It's true what they say — love is a two-way street.

When I feel we both enjoy putting effort into it. :) it's not a hassle. It's easy to want to be with that person. That's how I know anyway!


Know that relationships might not last... not because both people don't care about each other but simply because they have changed.

The short answer is you don't. There's things that have been mentioned already that are a good indicator like good communication, similar values, dedication to the relationships, etc. They're indicators though, not guarantees. Sometimes life just happens and things don't work. Sometimes people change in ways that make them no longer compatible.

- thingsgetwhatever

Also know that uncertainty isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I don't really, and that's what makes it beautiful in a way.

- LadyWhiskers

As for me, I'm more of a live-in-the-moment kind of gal and that's OK, too.

As much as I'd love to buy into the genius of this cheat sheet, I know that real life is a lot less predictable. The truth is, every relationship you enter into is an emotional risk but hopefully, the reward is well worth it.

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