5 Signs You Won't Break Up After College, According To Real Women


Maybe you first met in college, or maybe you're that couple that's been dating since high school. No matter how strong your relationship, people have probably told you that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are going to break up after college. You may have even had some doubts about a future with your significant other — and that's totally normal. If you're wondering how other couples knew they would make it past graduation, you're not alone. Luckily, I talked to four women whose relationships did last after college — plus one who knew it was time to end it.

One of these women said that she always knew her boyfriend was "the one," while another told me she and her boyfriend made it past college, but ultimately broke up. One woman ended up married to her long-time boyfriend, which is pretty much the definition of a success story. If you can relate to these five signs, then you're likely in a healthy, lasting relationship. And if not, maybe this person isn't your endgame. Either way, you'll enter the real, post-grad world armed not only with dating experience, but with newfound knowledge about yourself. And that is an invaluable asset.

1. You support each other's lives outside the relationship.

— Remy, 24

2. You're making concrete post-grad plans.

— Kelsey, 24

3. You are both comfortable being independent.

— Emily, 24

4. You are excited to spend time together after you graduate.

— Annie, 24

5. You can imagine a fulfilling future together.

— Madison, 25*

If there's one common message among each of these stories, it's that you should be independent, even if you're in a relationship. If you can unselfishly support one another's goals, you're on your way to a positive future together.

*Name and age have been changed.

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