7 Sea Glass Beaches Across The Country That Are Totally Hidden Gems

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Summertime sadness is so real, and wandering to warmer weather sounds pretty ideal. Life's truly a beach, and we've learned to roll with the waves over the years. Sure, we will inevitably have to deal with the sand and seaweed along the way — but once we're sitting along the coast with a cooler by our side, there's not a care in the world that can keep us from soaking up the sun and surf. If you're headed down to the shore soon, but want to make your experience a little more unique, one of these sea glasses beaches in the U.S. might be your best option. Shell we get started?

Editor's note: make sure before visiting a sea glass beach to do your research, because some of them prohibit taking the sea glass home with you.

First things first — if you don't know what sea glass is, you might want to get schooled by a little bit of science. To keep it as simple as possible, sea glass is a natural wonder in the shores of places with salt water. It looks like a piece of glass, no different from the one you drank your orange juice out of this morning, but frosted and a little more shaped like a stone.

You can't find sea glass at every sandy spot. You could absolutely try your luck next time you're on an island vacation and take a walk along the water before the tide comes through. But if you want to be guaranteed to see some glass, I highly suggest checking out one of these seven spots around the country.

Glass Beach In Fort Bragg, CA
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This is a prime spot to go to if you're looking to scope out some sea glass. Glass Beach sits in MacKerricher State Park right by Fort Bragg, California and is absolutely covered in the what so many search hours for. Think about your last beach vacation, and replace all that soft sand with colorful rocks straight out of the sea.

From greens and white, to oranges and teals — it's sort of a rainbow right down to your feet. Just watch where you step, and maybe stick to sandals. Glass has never been the most comfortable surface for our soles.

Update: According to's FAQ, since the beach is included in the state park, you aren't allowed to take any of the sea glass from the beach.

Spectacle Island In Boston Harbor, Boston, MA
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If you're closer to the East Coast, you'll want to head to Boston for a sea glass beach. Spectacle Island is made up of beautiful shells and sea glass. However, it's such a peaceful spot and a great escape from the bustling city that's still so close by.

Take a ferry and spend the day exploring the island, swimming in the salty sea, boating, or just simply surrounding yourself in the New England nature. This place can get a bit crowded, so if you're on the search to see some sea glass, you might want to make this trip in the morning.

Kauai Sea Glass Beach In Kauai, HI
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What they didn't show you in Moana was all the potential to see some sea glass on the beaches of Hawaii. Honestly, looking back, the heart of Te Fiti did look a little like a one of these colorful stones. And you can find your own to wear around your neck at Kauai's Glass Beach.

This serene spot is absolutely covered in color. The spectrum sticks to clear, brown, and fluorescent glass finds. It's fairly unknown to the common tourist, so you'll want to take a hike to this hidden gem.

La Jolla Cove In La Jolla, San Diego, CA
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Sea glass and seals is what this spot is all about. It's quite clear that California's beaches deserve a spotlight, and La Jolla Cove is the honestly straight out of a postcard. With rocky cliffs and sand that melts right into surf, you'll want more than just one day to wander around with the palm trees.

While you're on the lookout for sea glass, stop in some of the shops along the boardwalk and check out the caves along the coast. You could even rent some snorkeling gear or learn to scuba dive to see where all that frosted glass gets its start.

Balneario El Escambron In San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Live the island life for a little while, and gaze at some sea glass while you're at it. Puerto Rico is the prime spot if you're looking for a sunny escape, but don't want to technically leave the country. Houses painted in such saturated tones match the tropical vibe of this place that's asking for a moment on social media (along with the perfect beach pun, of course.)

Balneario El Escambron sits right in San Juan, and is full of energy and things to experience. From tasting the local food, to taking one of those romantic walks along the waves, it's all oh-so picturesque. For sea glass lovers and culture enthusiasts alike, it's definitely worth the trip.

Del Monte Beach In Monterey, CA
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Del Monte Beach in Monterey is filled with a lot of sea glass. Since this spot is in Northern California, it won't be quite as warm as the tropics or the Caribbean. But, it's certainly worth the road trip.

Spend an hour or two looking to scope out some stunning sea glass, or even a sand dollar or two. As far as being photogenic goes, you'll want to stay for a colorful sunset and let your feet wander far and wide.

Jasper Beach in Machiasport, ME
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Another beach off the beaten path is Jasper Beach in Machiasport. When people go to Maine, it's often to walk the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, or camp in Acadia National Park and see some new altitudes. Like sea glass amongst so many average stones, this spot is another hidden gem that should be added to your list of places to go.

Search through the pebbles, and get a nice massage on your feet along the way. You won't see any sand here really, but there's still just enough surf. Not all sea glass spots are so far South, and maybe you'll even head over to Canada and make a whole trip of it.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," they say. But with a little sea glass glimmering along the shore, it's not so hard to find.