7 Heartbreaking 'Laguna Beach' Scenes That We're Still Crying Over

by Laura Rizzo
David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I came of age in the early 2000s, so I absolutely loved Laguna Beach. It was literally my source of reality... I was very impressionable back then. In case you lived in denial of what good television was, or your parents didn't allow you to watch such inappropriate content, Laguna Beach followed a group of wealthy high schoolers in California and all the drama that came with their lives. Sad Laguna Beach scenes literally happened every single episode, so there's no shortage of iconic moments to choose.

Looking back, how old were Lauren Conrad (aka LC), Stephen Colletti, Lo Bosworth, Kristin Cavallari, and the rest of the gang in high school? I thought they were, like, mid-20s. Especially bad boy Jason Whaler – no way was that guy a teenager.

The OG cast will always hold a special place in my heart — a place that Siesta Key will never come close to replacing, no matter how drama-filled it is. Below are the seven most memorable moments to happen on Laguna Beach. Some are sad, but all are brimming with that old-school MTV drama we all love.

1. The Infamous Cabo Fight: Part One

What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo — am I right? No, Kristin, you are so, so wrong. OMG, where do I even begin with this fight? The Laguna Beach crew took many trips to Cabo throughout the duration of the show (once again, how were these high schoolers?). However, the Sam-Kristin-Stephen love triangle coming to a head is my favorite.

As the sun went down in Cabo, the cast started getting sloppy. Kristin was trying to have a good time and started vibing more with Sam. Unfortunately, Stephen was watching and did not take it well. Stephen confronted Kristin and kept yelling "sl*t" over and over again. Kristin (who was totally justified, in my opinion) retaliated by saying, "Don't f*cking call me." Boom, hit 'em where it hurts.

2. When Kristin was the only one to wear white to the "Black and White Affair."

"The Black and White Affair" is what started everyone's obsession with Laguna Beach. This was literally Season 1, Episode 1 and it did not disappoint. The senior girls threw a fancy black and white cocktail party — how fun! Cue Kristin coming in and ruining everyone's good time. Lauren literally threatened to pick her up and remove her from the party if she complained one more time. Plus, all the girls donned black dresses while Kristin arrived dripping in white — total Kristin move.

This episode introduced the famous rivalry that was LC and Kristin. TBH, I think we were all Team Lauren.

3. Morgan gets rejected from literally the only school she applied to.


This was tough to watch. Morgan put all her hopes and dreams in BYU and then got rejected from the college of her dreams. Not sure what guidance counselor signed off on that decision, but whatevs.

4. No one thought Stephen was an actual bear.


The senior class took a camping trip to Catalina Island. Stephen decided to have a little fun and dress up as a bear to scare the girls. While he thought he was going to have a good laugh, the prank fell flat. Kristin asked, "How lame did Stephen look in a bear suit?" And our hearts broke just a little bit for Stephen.

5. Kristin thought it was a good idea to be in an "open relationship" with Stephen before he left for college.

The video above is a montage of Kristin's hardest goodbyes throughout the show. The first interaction shown in the video between her and Stephen was a result of their decision to be in an "open relationship" before Stephen left for college. As you can see, that's literally never a good idea. Lesson learned.

6. LC gets the most romantic airport surprise.

Ah, this was the best. I think we all died a little bit inside when Stephen surprised LC at the airport because we knew they just weren't going to work out in the end. This airport pickup happened during the season finale, and it was powerful and V romantic. Stephen and Lauren shared a long hug and went on to conquer San Francisco together.

7. We will never forget that Kristin used the word "dunzo."

This is just a friendly reminder that Kristin said "dunzo." Her car started smoking and she declared that it was "dunzo." After all the ups and downs — Kristin really was the hero of the show.

Laguna Beach is one of the best MTV shows ever. The drama, the romance, the Cabo trips — it's all simply amazing. OK, I'm so dunzo.

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