This Is What The OG Cast Of 'Laguna Beach' Looks Like Now

by Becky Wandel
David Livingston/Getty Images

You know how when you're little, you think all your camp counselors and babysitters are 30 and you don't find out until adulthood that they were actually 14?

That was me today realizing that everyone on Laguna Beach was like, 17 years old. I understand that the show was literally about them being in high school, but I could swear they were at least 30. I seem to remember cocktail parties and trips to Cabo?


These days, the former reality stars are finally all grown up and they've changed – a lot.

Lauren Conrad

The narrator and star of the series has always been gorgeous, but she's truly more stunning than ever right now. She also just welcomed her first child in July -- congrats!

Kristen Cavallari

Kristin and Lauren were hardcore rivals back in their high school days. Today, the star is a shoe designer and author who's looking better than ever. I wonder if she and Lauren have patched things up.

Stephen Colletti

Reality TV's biggest heartthrob hasn't lost an ounce of his charm or good looks since his days in Laguna. He may be one of the only former cast members better known for another role -- that of Chase Adams on the wildly-popular One Tree Hill.

Lo Bosworth


Lauren's longtime BFF Lo spends her days giving wellness tips on her website The Lo Down. Who knows if her advice is any good, but that pun deserves respect.

Trey Phillips

In the sea of drama that was Laguna Beach, Trey was always chill and for that I love him. He's just as chill these days -- spending time with his fam away from all that Hollywood nonsense.

Talan Torriero

Talan Torriero is the latest Laguna alumni to start a family. Despite taking Kristin to prom and romancing Lo in the hot tub, he married another woman three years ago -- his longtime love Danielle Zuroski. The couple is expecting a baby this October.

Jessica Smith

Jessica had a hard time when her reality TV days ended. After having some trouble with the law, she turned her life around and now seems happier than ever with her growing family.