Madisson From 'Siesta Key' Is Totally The New LC From 'Laguna Beach'

by Anna Menta

MTV's putting all its hopes and dreams on Siesta Key, the newest beachside reality show about hot rich kids. To most, it looks like a weak attempt from the network to recreate its Laguna Beach glory days. (Seriously, MTV? Y'all cancelled Sweet Vicious for this?) But honestly, maybe it's working because Madisson from Siesta Key is already getting compared to Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach.

In case you missed the series premiere on Monday, Siesta Key follows the drama-filled lives of seven attractive people living on an island on Florida's west coast, Siesta Key. Right away there's a Laguna Beach-style love triangle, between Alex, Juliette, and Madisson. Juliette seems to think she's Alex's girlfriend, but apparently, Alex has been hooking up with Madisson, his high school sweetheart. (If you're wondering about age, Alex just turned 22 in the pilot — clearly MTV is vying for the all-grow'd-up Laguna Beach audience.)

So basically it's LC vs Kristin for the heart of Stephen, except this time their names are Madisson, Juliette, and Alex.  Though Juliette is the narrator of Siesta Key, much the way LC was for Laguna Beach, her aggressive pursuit of Alex is much more reminiscent of the Kristin Cavallari/villain role. Meanwhile, Madisson gets the role of hometown sweetheart, more likable, and sensible than that unreasonable Juliette, just like LC.

John Shearer / Getty Images

The two don't quite have the antagonism Kristin and LC had — yet. In the pilot, Juliette confronts Madison about hooking up with Alex, and Madison promises to tell Juliette if anything happens again. But it kinda of seemed like Juliette was basically telling Madisson to back the f*ck off her man. (And no, I don't know why "Madisson" is spelled like that, either.)

Did I mention this show is brought to by the same producers of Laguna Beach?  So if you thought these Kristin and LC parallels were just a coincidence, it's definitely not. It's just like Hilary Duff predicted — we went back, back to the beginning.