7 Relationship Goals For 2019, Because You Deserve Nothing But The Very Best

If you're sitting squarely in the category of 'new year, same boo' consider attempting to achieve a few new relationship goals for 2019. There's always room for improvement when it comes to areas of your life — and your love life is no exception. Trying to achieve a new goal with your partner could bring you even closer together.

There are admittedly quite a few nay-sayers when it comes to New Year's resolutions. Many even argue that they don't really work at all. However, the University of Scranton conducted a series of studies on folks that committed to goals for the new year, and the results were really impressive. First, 46 percent of people that committed to their resolutions were successful which is, like, a lot of people! The other portion of the study assessed folks who identified a problem in their lives that they wished to solve but didn't make detailed resolutions or plans towards solving them. Out of those, only four percent of the "non-resolvers" ended up changing their behavior. It goes to show that some intentional planning at the start of your year could really set you up for success later on.

So why not introduce this into your love life? No matter what stage you're at in your relationship, you can identify achievable resolutions for a happier, more fulfilling partnership. The following goals for 2019 can be personal resolutions for your dating life or resolutions that you and your partner plan together. If you're interested in adding some relationship goals to your calendar in 2019, consider the following tips!

Make Your Relationship Public In The Cutest Way

If you and bae have defined the relationship but haven't made it public yet, consider making this a goal for the new year. It doesn't have to be anything grand; it could even be done by posting a cute picture of the two of you on the 'gram. It can also be really cute if you both post the same picture at the same time.

Give Them The Most Romantic Gift Ever... A Toothbrush

All right, all right, hear me out on this one, OK? If you've been seeing your crush for a while and you've wanted to communicate that you care about them, a toothbrush could be the move. This is because when someone stays over, you can offer them something they need in daily life and therefore communicate that you'd like them to keep coming over. By giving them a toothbrush that you keep in your bathroom, you're communicating that they have a place in your personal life.

Try A Sex Toy Meant For Couples

If you and bae are way past defining the relationship, there are still ways that you could spice things up in 2019. Consider trying out a sex move or two that both of you have always wanted to try out. Or, if you've tried every sex move and then some, consider picking out a sex toy meant for couples. There are numerous options when it comes to these products including remote-controlled pieces, pieces for stimulating different areas of the body, and products meant for penetration.

Learn Something New With Your Partner

When it comes to feeling closer to bae, you can try getting out of your comfort zones together! If there's something that both of you have been interested in trying for forever, consider signing up for a class or workshop together. This could range from a dance class to learning a foreign language to even training for a race together.

Try A Memory Jar

To make a memory jar, you take a small receptacle like a vase or jar and fill it with tiny notes about moments that made you happy throughout the year. You can make this a love jar with your partner in 2019 by filling it with notes of small moments you appreciated about the life you're building together. You can also plan to read the notes on your anniversary or another important date for the two of you.

Plan A Meaningful Trip

When it comes to getting to know your partner better, taking a trip is opportunity to do just that. Traveling with people helps you learn a lot about a person. If you and your partner work crazy hours, you could start planning a small trip or retreat during 2019. To level this goal up, you could even plan a trip to meet family or revisit one of your hometowns.

Exchange Apartment Keys

If you and your partner are serious and have been official for a while, consider exchanging apartment keys as a sign of affection and trust. This step is great if you're past the milestones of being official, but not quite at the point of moving in together or any other large milestone. This act of caring, trust, and intimacy is a significant step to take in a relationship. You're trusting someone with access to your life in a whole new way without a huge upheaval of your life. It's a great way to communicate how you feel about your partner without the stress of up and moving.

Hopefully, some of these tips have inspired you when it comes to your list of 2019 goals. Because, when it comes to love and relationships, you deserve nothing but the best.