10 Sex Toy Gift Ideas For The 2018 Holidays That Work For Everyone Who's Naughty Or Nice

If you're stumped on what to get bae this holiday season, look no further than some gifts that keep on giving. That's right, I'm talking about sex toys. This is your friendly reminder that adults can get toys as gifts, too! The following list has numerous different sex toy gift ideas for the 2018 holidays, based on your budget, and your partner's interests and preferences. Sex toys can be an amazing gift to a partner, but when it comes to deciding what to get your sweetheart, there's a lot to consider.

If you're intimidated by the vast world of sex toys, try not to panic. Whenever I talk to friends and the topic of sex toys comes up, many express that they don't even know where to start. And that makes complete sense! There are so many options, stores, devices, companies, and more that can make shopping for sex toys confusing at first. The most important thing about getting someone a sex toy as a gift is making sure it's something they want. An ex once gave me a vibrator for my birthday, but it made me uncomfortable because I hadn't owned one and wanted to make that purchase myself. That experience taught me a crucial lesson: Before giving a partner a sex toy as a gift, first ask if they want one at all. If they do, you can have a conversation about what kinds of toys interest them.

Once you inquire about what sort of fun your partner is looking to have with a new toy, check out the following options!

If your partner likes astrology...

Horoscope Set



Bijoux Indescrit

If astrology is important to your partner, they may be surprised that it can be incorporated into the bedroom or solo sex. Babeland has recently partnered with Bijoux Indescrit to launch a series of kits called "Horoscopes." The kits include a necklace with a pendant for the recipient's sign, an essential oil that compliments their sign, and a vibrator. The vibrator is small but mighty with 10 settings and a strap to attach it to your finger.

If they'd like something chic and simple...

One-Finger Massage Ring




The folks over at the sex tech company Unbound have a really exciting line of personal massage rings. Honestly, I doubt anyone would even know that this was a vibrator unless you told them. This could be really hot for some stylish solo sex or teasing someone when you're out on the town. As far as sex toy pricing goes, the rings are also fairly affordable. If your partner likes to be stylish and also get down to business, this could be the perfect gift.

If your partner likes options...

Oh! To Go Bag




The folks at Unbound also have a few different types of stimulating lubes, ergonomic "party hat" condoms, and more. If your partner may not have a specific idea for a toy in mind this kit could be a great addition to both of your sex lives.

If they're looking to try something new...

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1




The sex toy company Satisfyer has an amazing array of products that stimulate the genitals in unique ways. If you're looking to gift your partner a sex toy, and they already have a few in their arsenal, it could be time to get them something they've never even heard about. The "Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1" could be a creative addition to their collection. This is because it can be used in numerous different ways, including to stimulate the nipples. If your interest is peaked, their site also has diagrams on how to best use this product.

If they're looking for the basics...

Sweet Vibrations The Perfect Match Vibrator



Sweet Vibrations

When it comes to trying sex toys for the first time, starting with a decently sized and affordable vibrator can be a great idea. This vibrator from sex toy company Sweet Vibrations is awesome because it provides both penetrative vibration, clitoral vibration, and it's on the more affordable end of the spectrum. If your partner has specified that they'd like to try out a vibrator, this could be the way to go.

If they're looking to have some fun back there...

Quiver Vibrating Plug




If you or your partner have ever discussed anal pleasure, anal-specific toys are a great gift idea. (This is because toys for the vagina can get dangerously stuck inside the body when used for anal play. While vaginas have a limited amount of space, the anus connects to passages further into the body meaning things can get stuck, or lost, inside the body.) That being said, this butt plug form the sex toy store Babeland could be a great gift. Not only is it specifically designed for safe anal play, but it also has an insertable vibrator.

If they want to use something as a couple...

Eva II



Dame Products

OK so this product from the sex toy company Dame may look pretty complicated, but it's actually super cool. This is one of the only devices I've ever seen intentionally made to be hands-free. You heard that right. The Eva II is meant to fit snugly into the labia. The two "arms" of the device keep the Eva II in place while the main hub stimulates the clitoris. This is cool not only for masturbation, but it can be worn by the person with the vulva during penetrative sex! Talk about leveling up your sex life, am I right?

If they love foreplay...

Massage Candle No. 1




The sex toy company Maude specializes in developing products that make sex simpler and better. One of their coolest products is their massage candle. This candle is specifically designed to induce a sensual aroma when lit. Once you have lit the candle, the "wax" melts into a body-safe massage oil to use on your partner or vice versa. If you're looking for a gift to set the mood, this is totally worth checking out.

If they enjoy clitoral stimulation...






Sex toy company Lelo has a neat toy designed specifically for stimulating the clitoris. The design is small which makes it great for travel, and the sensation is great for those that love clitoral stimulation.

Hopefully, some of the toys in this list have inspired you when it comes to choosing what to get bae this year. And, honestly, it wouldn't hurt to pick something out for yourself while you're at it. You deserve to treat yourself, too!