7 Regrets You'll Have If You're Always Planning For The Future

Put your planner down. You're way too caught up in thinking of the next best thing and where you'll be in five years. Gel pens are sprinkled all over your desk, along with sticky notes that are motivating you to chase after your dreams. That's OK, and your ambition is going to lead to amazing things. But, it's easy to lose yourself and what really matters in the pursuit of — well, everything else. It's time to take a step back and follow a slightly different course. There are some regrets you'll have if you're always planning for the future.

Please, change your perspective and realize the beauty of right now. You should be proud of what you've accomplished so far. You've taken charge and are creating a life for yourself. That's something that you should continue to do, but maybe in a less aggressive way.

Hear me out: Drive and ambition will bring you a lot of happiness and success, but over-planning for the future can be disappointing and leaves little room for surprise. You'll end up limiting yourself in every way, and that's the last thing you want to do.

You can wake up and realize that nothing went according to plan. That's what happens in life, and sometimes it's for the best. The universe guides you and turns you into the best version of yourself. Planning every step you take only gets in the way of such a natural process. Slow down and avoid these seven regrets while embracing the moment.

Missing Out On The "Now"

Planning too much for the future means that you're missing out on whatever's going on in the present. Maybe you're skipping out on hangs with your besties, or are too distracted to notice the conversation happening in the room. You're constantly scrolling on your phone to keep up with the latest gossip and trends. Girl, disconnect from your screens and to-do lists for even just a minute.

You'll realize that your head has been in the clouds, while your friends are making memories back down on Earth. That's right, life happens without you. Don't skip a beat of today, while you're caught up in tomorrow.

Being Stressed Out All The Time

You have to be exhausted from figuring out every moment of your life. Trying to control every situation or conversation gets to be a lot after a while. Your shoulders get tense every time something happens that wasn't part of the original plan. Not to mention, you're putting so much pressure on yourself to achieve all of your goals, as soon as possible.

You'll regret being this stressed out because it never leads to the right outcomes. When your brain is constantly busy and you're snapping at your family and friends, nobody is happy. Give yourself time to slow down, smell the coffee and then put your priorities into place.

Not Making Room In Your Life For New Friends

Friends will always make your life sweet. They'll encourage you to keep going whenever you're feeling down, and bring you ice cream when everything just is the worst. On your best days, they'll be there to laugh and hang with you on your wildest adventures. What more could you ask for?

Well, right now, you're shutting these friend opportunities out of your life. You have everything so planned down to every second, that you haven't left any room for new friends and faces. Catch yourself in the act, and realize that there's always time and space to make some memories with human beings who might just be your "next best thing."

Never Being Able To Take The Leap

Let's talk about taking the leap. This is when you completely change the course of your life, and dive head-first into the unknown. You're giving risk a chance, and crossing your fingers that everything works out. At first, it's intimidating, but the outcome can be so rewarding.

You end up finding yourself or where you're meant to be. Suddenly, new opportunities will be at your front door. "You mean, I can actually live on an island and own an ice cream shop?" Yes, you heard that right. It takes going with your gut and not necessarily following the expected path or plan. See what I'm getting at with this one?

Not Saying "Yes" More Often

Saying "yes" is an easy way to break the bad habits you've created for yourself. You got into the habit of turning down opportunities or experiences that didn't seem like the perfect fit. Why would you chase after a side job at an art gallery when you want to be in marketing? Well, for one, you could meet a lot of people and discover a passion you didn't even know existed. That's sounds pretty cool, am I right?

Every time you hit the virtual reject button, you're limiting yourself a little bit. Sure, the shoe doesn't always fit, but you shouldn't be afraid to try something new. See what else is out there, and surprise yourself with what you might find. Reverse every excuse with one simple question: Why not?

Not Learning To Trust Yourself

Trusting yourself is huge. Especially if you're chasing after your dreams, you need to have unconditional love and belief in self. At this moment, your ambition is probably teaching you this lesson, and quite well. But, when you allow yourself to get outside of your comfort zone, and go beyond the "plan" — that's when you really start going with your gut.

Your inner compass starts talking loud and clear, and you're ready to listen more than ever before. Everybody has their fears, and this is the time that you face them. No part of your plans for the future included that, huh?

Being Disappointed When Things Don't Go According To Plan

Whether you like it or not, the future is probably not going to go according to plan. You'll regret the feeling of being disappointed, too. Thoughts will go through your head like, "Did I just waste a bunch of time and energy?" Not necessarily, because you still created a life for yourself, and it may be even better that your expectations. At the end of the day, though, nobody wants to get let down.

Like a wave, you just have to go with the flow. It's not easy, especially if you like to be in control. But, it's relieving to realize that the present moment is yours. Let go of what could be or what could've been, and focus on what is happening in the now. You'll regret it if you don't.