7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Joey In Their Friend Crew


How you doin'? With a friend like Joey, we'd never have to ask. We have a special place in our hearts for the characters of Friends. They make us laugh, cry, and feel unbelievably frustrated at times (Rachel and Ross weren't on a break.) They're our favorite crew to watch banter, and the one we wish so much we were a part of. Sitting on that couch in Central Perk, or in Monica's kitchen quickly became a dream for every fan. But out of the entire gang there are a few reasons why Joey from Friends is the best addition to your friend crew.

Joey has made it very clear that he doesn't share food, but he does share a whole lot of adventures with the rest of our favorite characters. The friends who love to make memories with us are the ones we should always keep around -- and Joey will be there to share a dance (Want to practice the foxtrot one more time, Treeger?) or a slice.

OK, maybe not a slice, but he'd probably drink the fat with no questions asked. What more could you ask for in a friend? Your friend crew might be pretty amazing as it stands, but if you're looking for someone to fill that extra spot in your squad, consider someone like Joey for the these seven reasons.

He'll Be Your Biggest Supporter

Joey will always be there for you. Whether you're just down in the dumps, want someone to listen to your lecture, or need a sidekick in life, he'll be the first one there. Let's be honest, this is probably because he'll be digging through your fridge.

In return, you'll go to all of his shows no matter how horrible they may be. He'll expect you to support his big breaks, even if they end in gladiator costumes instead of red carpet glamour, and understand when he has to move out for a while to be on his own.

He'll Always Be Down To Eat

Joey will always be down for food. Pizza? We like pizza, and Joey is already best friends with the delivery person from the place down the street. He'll order the Joey special, of course: two pizzas. So there will always be plenty of pie around for you and your friend crew.

Even when you screw up the only dessert on Thanksgiving, Joey will make sure not a single plate has been left uneaten. Who knew meat, jam, and custard could be so good?

He'll Ground You

Monica: "How can you not care?"

Joey: *Shrugs* "Like this."

When you're freaking out about some dumb drama, or just need a reality check, Joey will be the one to ground you. He'll listen to you while you vent or get petty over something not worth your time and energy, and then remind you that it's all just a cow's opinion -- "a moo point."

He'll Always Show You How Much He Loves You

Maybe it'll be in the form of an adorable hugging montage, some best friend bracelets he decided to ball out on, or a big white dog. No matter what, you'll always know how much he loves and appreciates you.

Truth is, you'll love him just the same. He'll be there for the breakups that end in Yemen, and for the secret relationships that last for months. He'll be the tour guide you love to hate in London. And even when he protects his sandwich from gunfire, you still know he would take a bullet for you, too.

He'll Call You Out

Joey will go to all lengths to call you out. Kiss his girlfriend? Well, looks like you'll be spending a solid six hours in a box. Freaking out because he lied to you about his Days Of Our Lives party? Girl, you know you can't be normal around celebrities! He'll have no problem reminding you of that.

Truth is, having a friend like Joey makes us better people. He would be, therefore, the greatest addition to our friend crews. We all need that person who will call us out on our bullsh*t, hold us to our promises, and make sure everything we do is true to ourselves.

He'll Dream Big With You

Your wildest dreams will come true with a friend like Joey.

If you want to sit for hours and watch television in your new chair, well Joey will be right beside you making sure you cancel the soda order. Going to the bathroom is overrated when there are comfy chairs to sit in, and dreams to be fulfilled!

Truth is, he's just always down for an adventure. Life is never boring when you're with your best friends, and making memories is his major. He would never let you live your fantasies alone.

He'll Always Make You Laugh

Always wait for the punch line. With a friend like Joey, you'll be LOLing all day long. They say laughter makes you live longer, so thank your best pal, Joey, because you're going to be forever young after a funny friendship like this.

Sometimes, he might just do something dumb, and you'll give a quiet cackle from the other side of the Central Perk couch. Other times, he'll have a turkey stuck on his head, or be messing with Ross, and, well, who doesn't love to mess around with Ross? "Occupation? Dinosaurs."

He might not be the official funniest person in the group (That has been claimed solely by Chandler.), but he'll never fail to add humor to even the most boring, stressful, and adult situations.