7 People Reveal Their Most Satisfying Sex Moves & OMG, They're Hot

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No two people are going to get off in exactly the same way. That being said, it's always interesting to hear what people have found when it comes — or should I say, cums — to the most satisfying sex moves they've experienced with a partner. Sometimes, these sex moves are positions that allows for extra-delicious access to your sensitive spots. Other times, these satisfying sex move are some version of teasing or be teased, where you and your partner play with all sorts of erogenous zones (and not just below the waist).

But for the most part, these moves really allow for partners to show their passion for one another during sex. And isn't that what sex is all about, showing your passion — romantic, sexual, or both — for the other person through physical intimacy? Again, no two people will get off the same way. So if any of these sex moves don't seem like your style, don't be afraid to try a different one off the list. Finding your sexual satisfaction often requires some trial and error, and ultimately, the only thing that matters is what works best for you and your partner.

Whether you're looking for sin-spiration for your next hookup (or are just in the mood for some tantalizing tales), here are seven satisfying sex moves. Be sure grab your church fan and a nice, cold glass of water, too.

When they hit it from the back
Alexey Kuzma / Stocksy
Definitely love it from the back (doggy). There’s something about being able to get f*cked really hard in that position but that’s just my preference. LOL

— Shannon, 21

How many times can you say neck without making it weird?
Thais Ramos Varela / Stocksy
[Kissing] the neck, guys. Girls like the neck; guys like the neck. Everyone likes the neck. No, but really, it's super sensitive.

liverpud on Reddit

When they tie you up and...
Kelly Knox / Stocksy
The one that sticks out was when an old dom of mine tied my knees together, then tied my wrists to my knees, and fixed a Hitachi wand in the middle of all of the rope. Sat on my clit perfectly. The best, most intense half-hour of my life.

— Val, 26

A gentle tease
GIC / Stocksy
Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay... Pay attention to just behind the earlobes, anywhere on the neck — most commonly, the lower parts and the back. Collarbones, wrists, and hip/thigh areas. I've also found that a soft breath in the ear while having your hands elsewhere works as well.

monoxide_lullaby on Reddit

Making the most of a makeout session
Alexey Kuzma / Stocksy
Very, very, very long makeout, with zero moves to take clothes off is like, peak hot lately for me. It’s very fun and flirty, and there’s no rush to get to other things until you really want to.

— Hannah, 23

A new meaning to "finger guns"
Sergey Filimonov / Stocksy
When [my partner and I] first started dating I was his first, and he couldn’t get it up because he was so shy. So he learned how to finger me so well he could get me to cum like 20 times.
We haven’t been able to do that in a while, but he was so focused on me and figuring me out. And once he did it was really satisfying for both of us.

— Nat, 23

When you've nailed it as a partner
Bonnin Studio / Stocksy
Pegging my partner is always an earth-shattering experience. The rush of strength, pride, and beauty in being the giver of happiness to myself and them.

— Cristina, 26

If these sex acts and positions don't sound hot, then I don't know what does. Take cues from these folks — whether it's the dirty moves you're going to (consensually) try on your partner or what you ask from yours — when it comes to giving sex a little extra dash of satisfaction.

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