7 Lazy Sex Moves That Are Surprisingly Hot With Little Effort

Being tired and horny is a trying combination. Perhaps, it's the universe's greatest punishment. Maybe you do want to go to sleep or take a nap, but are too horny to actually fall asleep. And then too tired to get off. Or maybe you're in the mood for sex, but not necessarily up for headboard-banging, changing positions five times, and giving 110%. This is where the innovation and brilliance of "lazy" sex moves comes in.

With classic sex positions (think "the lotus position") as well as variations on the tried and true (like "collapsed doggy style"), you no longer have to suffer at the hands of fate. Gone are the days when long-*ss work weeks and horniness collide. Banished are the days where lust and laziness are at odds.

And you know what? As women and femmes, we already do so much labor — paid and unpaid. It's about time you get an orgasm and a break! And lazy sex moves are the perfect way to do that. It's 2019, sis. When it comes to sex, you can have your cake and eat it, too! Here are seven moves from 10 women that will let you do just that.

Straight chilling with the strap-on
Alexey Kuzma / Stocksy

If you're typically one who straps, then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let your partner do the work.

My lazy sex move (which is extremely rare) is putting the strap-on deep in her. I hold her up and she moves her hips to me.

— Alex, 26

If I'm strapping, then my girl riding is the best lazy sex move —because that's when she wants to go off.

— Gis, 21

Good ol' missionary
Leah Flores / Stocksy

As, Gis, 21 puts it: "lazy but malleable." And she's not the only one.

It doesn’t feel as good as others (doggy or variations of cowgirl) as far as hitting the G-spot with penetration, but it’s the easiest. I can lay on my back and wait for pleasure without doing the majority of the work...
Receiving oral in missionary is favorable. It also allows my hands to explore and stimulate me and my partner’s bodies while they’re in/eating me.

— Stephanie, 21

Relaxing on your stomach
Dmytro Bilous / Stocksy

Also known as the "Tight Squeeze" sex position:

Laying on my belly with my legs together and not moving at all. It doesn't make you feel like a lazy fish, because it's still very nice and can be very comfortable at the same time.

— Melati, 19

Laying face down (like an otter, LOL) and clenching/grinding as much as I can onto the d*ck so that it hits me right where I orgasm.

— Kiara*, 23

Sitting on your partner's face/getting your face sat on
Studio Firma / Stocksy

A win-win, lazy sex situation.

IDK the name of this position, but when I’m lazy, my fave sex move is just her sitting on my face.

— Jo, 21

Riding someone’s face is my lazy move, but the anxiety of crushing them with my weight can outweigh the reward... sometimes.

— Stephanie, 21

Slow grind on your side
Leah Flores / Stocksy

Another lazy sex move is the "Wraparound," where you lay face-to-face with your partner, wrap your legs around their waist, grind against them. It's like giving your partner a big hug, but sexier.

A helping hand
Sergey Filimonov / Stocksy

Sometimes, it's the middle ground between putting in work, but also giving yourself a break:

I’m not afraid to lean on my side and prop my head up by resting my hand on my neck if my neck is tired from... certain things. And if I don’t want the partner to see it, I just make sure my hand is hidden in my hair.

— Hannah, 23

Classic spooning
Matt and Tish / Stocksy

And last but not least, the laziest and coziest of lazy sex moves: spooning.

Super easy, super lazy, and neither of us have to do much at all.

— Ashleigh, 20

It’s kinda lazy because you’re both lying down, LOL. But I mean it feels good, so I say work smarter, not harder!

— Sara, 23

I love lazy sex! My favorite lazy sex position has to be spooning. Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy for a super physical session, but the closeness of spooning sex can be extra passionate. It's also a winner if you’d prefer to hide your morning breath from your partner!

— Elysia, 28

And there you have it folks: seven wonderfully lazy and still wonderfully hot sex positions. It's great because you're just chilling as well as getting off. And you're also getting that yummy, intimate, skin-to-skin contact, too. Being sexually satisfied, cozy, and not having to put in too much work? Truly, what more could anyone ask for?