Send Your Virgo Partner These 7 Lewds To Get Them Hot & Bothered

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Even though lewds are tamer and more "modest" than explicit nudes, they can still be super effective. And if you're sending lewds to a Virgo partner, you can totally lean into the idea of "leaving something to the imagination." After all, Virgos are earth signs. This means your partner is grounded, capable, straight-laced, and super brainy. If you're feeling flirty and want to get your Virgo babe equally riled up, you've got to give them a heady, intellectual mix of business and pleasure.

Luckily, sending lewds is the embodiment of a fill-in-the-blank situation. Let your earth-born boo put that big noggin of theirs to good use and you know... fill in those blanks. Here are seven concepts for lewds that'll make your Virgo partner tingle all over. (Just be sure to get enthusiastic consent before sending sexy photos, even if they're on the milder side.)

1. Ask Them To Paint You A Picture

Lesson number one: Nothing will get Virgo's wheels turning like asking them to tell you a naughty story. Let them know how much you appreciate their vast imagination, especially with a SFW snap of where you'd like to touch yourself.

2. Ask Them For Instructions

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You can take it a step further and put your Virgo partner in charge of what sexy things you get up to on your end. Have them pick the lingerie you wear or what sex toy you use while masturbating, and send them subtle pictures throughout the process. Lesson number two: Control also turns this earth sign on.

3. Drop Hints About Date Night

Earth signs like Virgo love solving mysteries. If you're upping the ante for date night, why not send your Virgo a fairly wholesome photo hinting at your dirty plans later? A peek of lingerie, a hint of underwear, or a close-up of a sex toy will truly getting them going.

4. Ask For Their Input

Similar to the first lewd concept, you can also send your partner a selfie in bed and ask them for suggestions as to what you should get off to. Few things make a Virgo hornier than letting them know their opinion is valued.

5. Make Weekends Fun Again

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If there's any sign most likely to be guilty of working outside their hours, it's Virgo. Send your partner a lewd of choice, whether that's a snap of you in a cute outfit or a date-night clue, and remind them that you should be at the top of their weekend to-do list.

6. Let Them Know You Pay Attention

"Attention to detail" is essentially Virgo's middle name. Let your partner know you pay attention to the little things, and send a visual to match. For example, you can tell your partner, "I love the way you smell," and send a photo of you wearing their button-down shirt or hoodie.

7. Remind Them To Pencil You In

Virgos are definitely workaholics — bless them. Remind them to take some time for fun by asking if they'd like to have you over their work desk, with a telling visual demo. If you send your partner this type of lewd — or any of the other six kinds for Virgo partners — best believe their brain won't be the only part of them that's stimulated.

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