Send Your FWB These Lewds If You Want To Turn Up The Heat

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One of the best things about having a friend with benefits is the thrill of no-strings-attached sex. It's fun to flirt with someone and feed your sexy dynamic with them, free from the pressure of romance and the high stakes of your heart. If you're in the mood to tease your current f*ck buddy, you can send your friend with benefits some lewds to make them break a sweat.

If you're new to the world of lewds, let me catch you up. Think: Tasteful nudes where you're not totally in the buff but still showing off your . best ~assets~. A lewd is a semi-nude that leaves enough to the imagination that sending one to your FWB can work wonders for building d*ck appointment anticipation, while still not totally exposing your privates.

Lewds can be just as evocative of freaky thoughts and spicy intentions as nudes can. A hint of shoulder, a peak of cleavage, and the faintest outline of bulge can get your FWB's heart racing. As is the case with all things sex, you should be sure to ask your partner for consent first. Once you get a resounding "yes" or "go on" to your, "Want to hear something dirty?", you'll be good to send them one of these lewds.

1. Show Them Where You'd Like Some Attention

Having your partner tell you where they want you to touch them is incredibly arousing. So why not let your FWB know, and show them? Tell them how badly you want to be kissed or licked, and send them a snap of your neck, shoulder, chest, or underwear.

2. Show Them Where You Want Them

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You can also message your FWB something hot in regards to them being underneath you or on top of you. Tell them that you want them in your lap and snap a photo of said sitting area. If you want to be on top of them, send them a POV shot. The possibilities are endless.

3. Tease Them With What's Underneath

Even if you don't show any body parts, you can still tantalize your FWB with some skin. Show a bit of tummy, a snippet of your thighs, or part of your booty.

4. Remind Them Of Your Benefits

A close-up of your mouth, tongue, or even fingers comes in handy here. Don't worry about this being too abstract. With the tantalizing words to match, (for example, "I want you to kiss me right here.") these simple lewds go a long way.

5. Hint At Where You're Feeling Aroused

A bulge pic or nipples through the shirt are sexual, but not quite overt. It's the PG-13 of dirty pics, if you will. Something that's also quite stirring: Say, "You should see my underwear right now," and send them a snap of yourself rocking your favorite boxers, G-string, or whatever sexy underthings you feel good in.

6. Let Them Imagine Why You're Biting Your Lip

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The lip bite is a classic, non-explicit thirst trap. Go for the tried-and-true with your favorite lipstick, lip balm, or lip gloss.

7. Let Them Know You're Eager

A smiling selfie with a cute outfit and a dirty caption creates a delicious contrast. Tell them how much you can't wait to see them later, or how you're prepping for your hookup. Remember: You don't have to send your lover a full-on nude to turn them on. A seductive selfie can still be totally erotic and effective with the sexy caption to match. But don't take my word for it — try it out yourself and thank me later.