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These 'Harry Potter' Drinks For Halloween Are Sirius-ly Delicious

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One way to accio a little magic to your next Halloween gathering is by serving up some Harry Potter sweets and treats. Along with your pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs, you'll need delicious cocktails. No need to sort through your potion books, because we've rounded up some Harry Potter drink recipes for Halloween on YouTube for you.

It just wouldn't be Halloween without a little nod to the Wizarding World. While you may not be able to spend Oct. 31 at Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, you can turn your backyard gathering with your roommates into a spooktacular affair with a themed menu. Butterbeer is probably the first drink that comes to mind, but there are so many other scary good potions and character-inspired cocktails to serve up as well.

Spice up your party with a bowl of pumpkin fizz, or bring on the good vibes with a round of Felix Felicis shots. Channel the evil side with a Death Eater cocktail that's perfect for a #DracoTok video. And don't forget to make these seven Harry Potter drinks Insta-worthy with different vials, potion bottles, and skeleton-themed glasses. Anything to make sure you have a sirius-ly magical and incredibly fun Halloween.

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These Felix Felicis Potion Shots

Felix Felicis — aka liquid luck — is definitely one of those Harry Potter potions you wish you could get your hands on. Well, now you can brew your own, thanks to this tutorial. Make individual shots for you and your roomies to enjoy. To make your potion look the part, you'll need some luster dust ($12, and glass vials ($1,

This Boozy Amortentia Love Potion

The amortentia potion from Harry Potter might seem romantic at first, but considering it's the world's strongest love potion is pretty spooky. Not to mention, this recipe also has a magical sheen that's obtained with mother of pearl luster dust ($8, Serve it up in potion bottles ($18, with a sign nearby to warn all who drink it of its powers.

This Green Polyjuice Potion

Sometimes, it's all about the creepy color of the cocktail that makes it totally on theme. This Polyjuice Potion recipe produces a vibrant green hue that resembles one of those trolls you might find in the dungeon. Normal Polyjuice Potion has the power to change the form of whoever drinks it into someone else, which is very similar to dressing up as a different characters or monster on Halloween.

This Sinister Death Eater Cocktail

While you're normally rooting for Harry in the series, on Halloween, join the Death Eaters with this sinister sip. This cocktail wins all the awards for presentation with its smoke that gives off a truly eerie vibe. Be sure to snap some pics for the 'gram before the smoke is all gone.

5.This Forbidden Unicorn Blood Concoction

Calling all "evil dark wizards": This drink might be for you... if you dare. For this sip, there will be no magic from unicorns involved, but you will need ingredients such as milk, sugar, tutti frutti flavoring, and edible glitter to give it that majestic aesthetic.

This Skele-Gro Potion

Skele-Gro doesn't sound like much fun to drink. However, this recipe inspired by the potion sounds pretty delicious. It's like a healthy fruit smoothie that Madam Pomfrey would likely approve of. To make it resemble the actual potion from the movie, get some Skele-Gro bottles ($22, that'll look super spooky in your Instas.

This Pumpkin Fizz

Using actual pumpkin puree, this recipe will give you that fresh pumpkin taste that you know and love this time of year. If you're all about presentation, carve out a giant pumpkin to serve your drink in and have some cute pumpkin-shaped mugs ($13, for you and your roomies to drink from.

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