7 Fall Trips Around The West Coast You & Your Besties Should Go On For The 'Gram

No matter what time of the year it is, you're down for an amazing adventure with your best friends. In the peak of summer, you don't mind loading up your car with bottles of sunscreen, bags of jumbo marshmallows, and supplies for a camping trip. On the chilly and windy days of winter, you thoroughly enjoy bundling up in an oversized sweater and hopping from one coffee shop in the city to the next, taking lots of pictures for the 'Gram. But when the days get shorter and the leaves change, you want to put fall trips around the West Coast on your radar.

You want to text your group chats screenshots of bustling cities, dreamy beaches, and the beautiful national parks in this area of the country. You want to excitedly say, "Let's go here!" and watch as your phone lights up with notifications from your besties sending thumbs up emojis. Believe it or not, you even want to take an afternoon to track down plane tickets at a discounted price, find the best restaurants in your destination, and create a detailed itinerary for your trip.

That way, you can have another amazing adventure and continue to live your best life. So far, you've been successful. Going on one of these fall trips along the West Coast and getting #content for the 'Gram will prove it, though.

Tacoma, Washington
Jeremy Pawlowski/Stocksy

The first of these trips is a weekend in Tacoma, Washington. Located on the Puget Sound, this city is filled with things to do, from grabbing lunch on the waterfront to exploring the Museum of Glass. You'll want to do it all, including packing a pair of good sneakers for hiking around Mount Rainier National Park, too.

If you have time, you may even want to rent a car and take a drive around the state to experience all of its natural beauty during the fall. When golden hour comes around in the fall in the Pacific Northwest, it's straight-up magical. Trust me.

Portland, Oregon

I don't think I'll ever stop raving about Portland, Oregon. This charming city is a dream. In the fall, it's the perfect place to take a trip with your best friends because you can drink lots of hot coffee and have lots of photo shoots for the 'Gram.

Simply start your weekend at Stumptown Coffee and then hop around to the other java joints and eateries that are nearby. My personal favorites are Tasty n Adler, Mother's Bistro & Bar, and Blue Star Donuts, which has pink donuts that would look so arsty on your feed. Be sure to make time to go to Powell's Books, too, OK?

Tillamook, Oregon

The true adventurers and wanderlusters out there should go to Tillamook, Oregon, this fall. It's the most ideal spot for getting in touch with nature and checking major items off your bucket list. Within a day, you can go surfing, kayaking, and check out a farmers' market.

If I were you, though, I'd wander around Cape Lookout State Park with my camera and swoon over the coastline. Can you imagine what those photos would look like on your 'Gram?

Yosemite National Park, California
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Some destinations on the West Coast will make you feel like you're living in a postcard. Yosemite National Park is one of those destinations because of its towering mountains, deep valleys, and rushing waterfalls.

If you and your besties are trying to plan a fall trip, and you also enjoy hiking and stargazing, then I'd highly suggest going here. The views from Glacier Point, El Capitan Meadow, and Tunnel View will take your breath away and make you want to live in the mountains forever.

Napa, California

Calling all wine lovers. Going to Napa is the fall trip for you. This city is home to some of your favorite Cabernets, Pinot Noirs, and Merlots that you drink with your besties while watching romantic comedies on Friday nights. I think it's about time you visit those vineyards and wineries for yourself.

You can spend an entire afternoon tasting different bottles and asking the owners about what goes into their wine. After, you can take clever pictures for the 'Gram and caption them with catchy phrases like, "Having a grape time." What more could you ask for? It beats me.

Santa Barbara, California

It's OK if some of your besties are having a hard time letting go of summer. The season always seems to fly by, and pulling out the sweaters, scarves, and bulky boots you own tends to be bittersweet. Those emotions shouldn't keep your crew from planning a fall trip on the West Coast, though.

In fact, it should encourage you to check out the city of Santa Barbara, California. With beaches, hiking trails, and wineries, this place is the perfect transition from one season to the next. It allows you to seek out adventure by giving you access to botanical gardens and charming architecture, and soak up the sun while its still bright and strong.

San Diego, California
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Last but not least, a trip to San Diego, California should definitely be on your radar. This city has a lot of energy, sights, and nightlife. There are attractions like the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park that should definitely be on your itinerary.

In addition, you and your besties can catch a baseball game and watch the surfers ride the waves at the beach. You can find cute vintage clothing stores and hit up a casino, too. It'll all make for a very memorable trip that's more than worthy of the 'Gram.