7 Sweetest Engagement Party Ideas For Your Bestie That You'll Say "I Do" To

Your best friend just said "yes," and now you get to say, "yes, please," to all of the exciting wedding celebrations. Up first is the engagement party — aka, the party to celebrate that your BFF's SO certainly liked it, so they put some bling on it. As bestie to the bride-to-be, you may very well have taken on the role as party planner. It may be your first time planning an engagement party. Your BFF might even be the first of your friends to get engaged, so you're in new territory. You've done birthdays and holiday parties, but what are some fun engagement party ideas that'll leave a lasting impression?

Well, welcome to the world of wedding planning essentials. I have got you covered. Ideas may have started flooding your head the minute you saw your best friend's ring pic on Instagram. However, if you're looking for a little extra inspiration, here are seven totally sweet engagement party ideas that you will want to say "I do" to. With you calling all the shots, this engagement party will be so awesome that your bestie will be falling in love all over again. You are committing to being the best BFF any bride has ever seen, so cheers to the happy couple, and let's party!

Serve Popcorn, Because Your BFF's SO Popped The Question
modpartyetsy on Twitter

Your bestie's SO popped the question, and she said yes — so now, let's eat popcorn in honor of the celebration! There are a ton of cute popcorn containers on Etsy to pull off this punny snack. If you really love the aroma of fresh, buttery popcorn, rent out a vintage popcorn machine to have at the party as well. Who needs to pop bottles when we're popping corn?

Put A Ring Pop On It
thestreetcircus on Twitter

Another fun treat to serve at the party are Ring Pops. Have a bowl for all of the guests to grab a ring — or two. Put out a sign with the fave Beyoncé lyric, "put a ring on it," so guests will be rockin' vibrant bling as well. Everyone will be taking pictures of their beautifully accessorized hands.

Have A Photobooth, Just Like Joe And Sophie
saradg6 on Twitter

Take a cue from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, and have a photobooth at your friend's engagement party. Guests will have such a fun time taking goofy pics with the happy couple to post on Instagram. Come up with a solid engagement party hashtag that emphasizes their couple name for everyone to use. This way, all of the beautiful memories will be in one place.

Sip, Sip, Hooray With A Prosecco Cart
tuttodelizioso1 on Twitter

Of course, it's essential to pop some bottles to celebrate the day. A Prosecco cart is such a cute idea for any celebration, but your bestie will fall head over heels for this one at her engagement party. Allow guests to also pimp their Prosecco out with fresh fruit and juices to really class it up.

Do-not Say "No" To Donuts
memoria_events on Twitter

If I could have donuts for every meal, I would be the happiest girl in the whole world. That's why these donut rings are so dreamy and hold a special place in my heart. If you're feeling the donut love too, you know these are a must to serve at your friend's engagement party.

Keep It Fresh With Some Engagemints
barbidoll on Twitter

If your bestie soon-to-be-bride has a soft spot for puns, giving out engagemints to the guests is a sweet party favor idea. I mean, who doesn't love fresh breath? It's also a cute way to hand out save the dates if your friend knows when the wedding will be.

Spread "S'more Love" With A S'mores Bar
organicmixology on Twitter

Weddings are the perfect excuse to finally have that food bar you've been dreaming of. I know there are several food bars I would love at my engagement party — like a waffle bar, an ice cream bar, and of course, a s'mores bar.

Guests can make their own s'mores or even follow along with some tasty recipes you made up in honor of the happy couple. Don't forget the s'more puns, because s'more puns are always welcome at any party.