7 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Bride Who Loves Everything About Disney

The friend who texts you in the wee hours of Saturday morning to make sure your butt's up and ready to head to Disneyland? Well, she's getting married. Disney is her life, and the days or months leading up to her wedding day need to be just as enchanting as the movies. Yes, unique bachelorette party ideas for the bride who loves Disney have to maker her feel like she has stepped into the magic she loves to experience when she frequents the amusement park.

Disney has ventured far from being basic. Yeah, maybe it molded our expectations of love a little bit, but your bestie is about to live out her very own fairytale. And even if walking around with Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland isn't your cup of tea, you owe it to your main girl to make this bachelorette party unforgettable from beginning to end.

In all honesty, Disney really does make everything better and helps us tap back into that childlike excitement we lose sight of a bit when we get older. Your girl found her knight in shining armor, and now you ladies have to celebrate. If Disney is your bride's fave, any of these bachelorette party activities will really have her believing that, "A dream is a wish your heart makes."

Take A Walt Disney Studio Tour
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The Walt Disney Studio lot isn't just open for anyone to book a tour. According to USA Today, for this tour, you'll either have to be a D23 fan club member or book a vacation package at the Disney in Southern California. Either way, your bestie will be super excited to see where all the magic happens. It really is mind blowing to think about how many beloved characters and magical storylines began from that lot.

Rent This Disney-Themed House In Orlando

Airbnb for the win. This four bedroom and three bathroom Disney-themed house is filled with so much magic, your bride-to-be will lose her mind. The decorative furniture and pictures all around the home will maker her feel like she just stepped into a Disney wonderland.

Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this. Also, don't get me started on the bedroom setups in this place. Obvi, she gets first dibs.

Buy A Few Disney Makeup Sets And Hire A Professional For Makeovers

Disney knew exactly how to further capture our souls when they started rolling out different eye shadow palettes and lipsticks. The makeup on the princesses was always gorgeous, especially in the non-animated remakes. Buy your favorite makeup sets and hire a makeup artist to give you all a different look from your favorite princesses. Your tribe is about to slay the day.

Book A Private Dining And Fireworks Cruise
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Sure, your friend has probably seen the fireworks go off while she was in the park. Now, she'll be floating on enchanting bliss as she watches those beautiful sparks fly in the sky from a boat. The view will be so amazing, and you'll snap the best pictures. This Fireworks Cruise will make her bachelorette experience beyond dreamy.

Sign Up For The Disney Wine And Dine Half Marathon Weekend
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OK, a half marathon doesn't sound too appealing at first, but it has a Disney theme and you get to run through the park. That is going to be so much fun running alongside people dressed in their cutest Disney apparel. Oh, and don't forget that your hard work is then rewarded with amazing food and wine throughout the night.

The Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon is going to be a full day of memories, and your main squeeze may be able to cross a marathon off her bucket list. Of course, you can't forget to round up the girl crew to make your own Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears beforehand! Scope out some YouTube tutorials, and get crafting, ladies.

Attend WonderCon Anaheim And Dress In Disney Cosplay
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WonderCon is a huge event in Anaheim that gathers people who love comics and other visual arts. Cosplay is a huge part of this scene. You and your ladies will have to plan and decide who's going to play who, but if done successfully, you're going to be asked by so many people to take pictures. Trust me, Disney never fails.

Take Her To Beyond Wonderland In SoCal
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It's time to party it up with the bride tribe. At Beyond Wonderland in Southern California, you step into the rabbit's hole and listen to live electronic music. The stages are decked out with vibrant lights, and the vibes of this festival are way too good to pass up. People really get into dressing up and dancing the entire night through. The Alice and Wonderland theme is seriously everywhere you turn.

Your bride is about to turn to a very important page in her love story. You have the honor of being by her side the entire way.