8 Craziest Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Extrovert Bride And Her Tribe

Jeremy Wong/ Unsplash

Planning a bachelorette party is probably one of the best festivities you'll ever be part of. Not only are you pumping up the bride for her big day, but you're also a key part in a joyous time of her life. Now, if you have a super free-spirited bride who seemingly becomes the center of attention with her personality, you may have your work cut out for you.

It's time to match that beautiful and totally contagious personality of hers with some equally as awesome bachelorette party activities. Her tribe should be along for the ride, because aren't most things a memorable adventure with an extrovert? There are more than a few ideas to ensure that your outgoing bride and her tribe live it up to the fullest during the bachelorette party.

1. Set Sail On A Water Adventure


These #GetMyBoaters are starting their weekend off right! — GetMyBoat (@GetMyBoat) July 21, 2017

Look, maybe we weren't all born into a lavish yacht we can take at our leisure, but there's a solution. With GetMyBoat you can book your own luxury time for days or weeks on end. Pinkies up and get fancy with the bride on the water.

2. Head To A Music Festival


Chasing colors — Coachella (@coachella) April 24, 2017

Music heals the soul and brings people from all parts of the world together. If your bride is as social as most extroverts, making your way to the crowds and music will be her cup of tea. Oh, and don't forget the dancing until your legs turn into noodles.

3. Beat The Stress And Book Some Float Therapy


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Planning a wedding when you're a bride or bridesmaid can be stressful. Float tanks are a way of unplugging from the nonstop world around you and just finding your center. It's a great way to start fresh so you can face any wedding obstacles that may head your way.

4. Book A Boozy Pedal Tour In Town

We are finally here #YEG! It begins tomorrow! — Urban Pedal Tours (@urbanpedaltours) May 25, 2017

You know how they say you'll never forget how to ride a bike? Well, you'll also never forget if you're able to pedal with a drink in hand. Not only will you and your girls get to ride a huge bike together, but you'll sip away and hilariously argue about directions.

5. Get Messy In A Color Run


Friends make like more colorful #Happiest5K #DreamInColors #TheColorRun — The Color Run (@TheColorRun) July 14, 2017

What better way to add to the bride's already vibrant personality than to run through some colors? Not only will you all collectively be covered in neon paint, but you'll also get the incredible high of running. Let's not forget the perfect opportunity to snap some outrageous selfies.

6. Test Your Luck In An Escape Room

Come visit us at Midsummer Scream! We will be giving out prizes, donated by My Haunt Life and Loot Crate, for fastest time! — Cross Roads Escape (@CRescapegames) July 29, 2017

Your extroverted bride will love the adrenaline involved with finding your way out of a creepy room. Each of you can contribute your own skills to getting out. Make sure you get yourselves out before the wedding, of course.

7. Grab The Sleeping Bags And The Onesies For A Sleepover

#hashtag2 Hot Orange Fox Cosplay Pajamas Onesies Women Men Cartoon Animal Cos ... — oneclickmarket (@1ClickMarket) July 29, 2017

Remember when you were a kid and sleepovers were simply amazing? That still hasn't changed, and as an adult, they get even more enjoyable. Matching onesies is just an added bonus to what fun there is to have.

8. Be Daredevils And Go Bungee Jumping Or Skydiving

BIG smiles for your #SundayFunday action! — Paraclete XP (@ParacleteXP) July 23, 2017

Again, your spontaneous bride won't back down from anything that matches her outrageous personality. Also, bungee jumping or skydiving could simultaneously knock something off of a bucket list. Time to knock two birds out with one stone.

Ultimately, a bachelorette party is meant to solidify the bond between the bridesmaids and the bride. And while her last name may be changing, the friendships within her tribe will always remain unfazed.