These Dog-Friendly Vacations In The U.S. Are A Real Treat For You & Your Pup

In a perfect world, you'd be able to take your dog everywhere. You'd bring your pup to work and let them curl up under your desk, or to your college campus where they could sprint around the quad before you both hit the books in the library or went to class. The two of you usually hang out at home or the local park that's always filled with other furry friends. But, this year on Monday, Aug. 26 — National Dog Day — you want to do something special together. Have you taken a dreamy trip into consideration? It would be a real treat to go on one of these dog-friendly vacations to take in the U.S. for you and your pup.

These vacations aren't your average getaways to the beach, mountains, or bustling cities around the country. They won't necessarily require hashing out a detailed itinerary or wondering things like, "Can I bring my pup in here?" before heading into a restaurant, store, or super cute ice cream parlor. Instead, they'll make you and your fur-ever friend feel like you're at home, from the second you start lounging in a chair on beach or looking at the #views from your hotel.

I'm pretty paw-sitive they'll make you want to come back and see more of the sights, too. So fetch your pup and laptop, and begin planning one of these seven dog-friendly vacations.

Burlington, Vermont
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First things first: Pack up your car with snacks, suitcases, and a few chew toys, and head to the beautiful city of Burlington, Vermont. It's located on Lake Champlain, and has lots of aesthetically-pleasing places to shop, relax, and grab a bite to eat. (A couple of summers ago I went here with my mom and fell in love with the colorful walls and farmers markets.)

You'll want to spend lots of time with your pup at the Church Street Marketplace in the mornings, and then hang out at the very modern Hilton Burlington during the nights. It has a pool and gorgeous views of the lake and rolling mountains. Sweet!

Santa Monica, California

If you're anything like me, you've probably considered an adventure trip on the West Coast more than once. You've likely researched the sandy beaches, waterfalls, and picture-perfect spots like Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Now, it's time you actually go and take your pup to the boardwalks of Santa Monica.

This spot will show you both such a good time, between the dog parks and the wide variety of options for outdoor dining. You'll likely want to spend a night or two at the Santa Monica Proper Hotel, too, because it's an incredibly trendy property and will donate part of your pet fee to the Best Friends Animal Society — a very good cause.

Dallas, Texas

What do you and your dog know about Dallas? You may not know that it's loaded with pet patios where you're treated to the finest dishes and furry friends can play, play, play. It's also perfect for the adventurous duo who wants to explore a city via trails and the McKinney Avenue Trolley, and see the skyline around sunset.

If you go on a vacation here, you'll want to soak up the sun, stay at Hotel ZaZa, and be treated luxuriously. This hotel is a prime destination to see everything in the city of Dallas, and will allow your pup to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

Newport, Rhode Island
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In my opinion, some of the most underrated trips are the vacations you can take on the East Coast. Just think about the salty beaches, golden hours, and the way the leaves change in the fall. Let me tell you this: On this National Dog Day, don't miss out any longer, and see and do everything in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bring your pup's leash and take them on a long walk on the Cliff Walk, and get some food at O'Brien's Pub. You can play fetch at Brenton Point State Park, too, if you're feeling a little energetic and outdoorsy, before turning in for the night at Hotel Viking.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has never been at the top of my bucket list, but knowing that it's a great vacation spot for humans and dogs alike changes things in my mind. It makes me think that one day when I have a pup of my own, I'll travel to this exciting destination.

I'll make a reservation at the beautiful Shinola Hotel, and listen to live music at Baker's, a jazz club that'll remind me of my favorite romantic comedy, La La Land. I'll probably check out the city's skyline from a Midwestern park, too.

Asbury Park, New Jersey

After taking your fur baby to Asbury Park for a vacation, you'll definitely want to go back. You'll imagine the Asbury Park Dog Beach, music scene, and the way the sun sets over the surfers at golden hour. You'll remember the perfectly-decorated lounge area in The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, and all the fun you had at the local spots with your BFFs and their dogs. First, you have to actually go on this vacation, though, OK?

San Francisco, California

Last but not least, if you're looking for a sweet vacation spot for you and your pup for National Dog Day, look no further than San Francisco, California. This city on the West Coast has every experience, artsy plate of food, and breathtaking sight you're looking for. The best part? You can basically walk to it all.

Start your adventure off by checking into Hotel Nikko. It has a rooftop terrace where you can play fetch with your pup, along with amenities for you both. Honestly, what more could you ask for? It beats me. Don't wait another second to go on this #vacay, please.