Here's How You Can Win A Free Vacay With Your Pup & Have A Street Mural Painted Of Them

Let's be honest: You'd love to ditch the planner and travel the world with your furry friend by your side. One weekend, you'd jet-set to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. The next weekend, you'd explore the mountains and deserts on the West Coast, and stay in artsy Airbnbs in downtown Los Angeles. You'd pose against pink walls and walk down Melrose Avenue with your pup in your arms. If only you could take your pooch anywhere and everywhere with you, huh? Well, let me give you the latest 4-1-1: You can win a vacation to Reno Tahoe with your dog and have a street mural painted of them. (It's a dream come true, if you ask me.)

The truth is, you typically don't travel much because you don't want to leave your dog behind. You cringe at the thought of having to find a sitter for them, or a place where they can stay for the week. You'd much rather have adventures with your German shepherd or cute Boston terrier, instead of telling them all of your stories from your trip later on.

Sure, they're always so understanding and will see you walk in the door with your suitcases in hand, and bolt to you with excitement. They'll lick your face, run circles around your feet, and climb all over your clothes as you get organized and settled in. At some point, you'll get distracted and cuddle up with them on the couch and watch a movie. That suitcase will unpack itself, right?

But, the most ideal situation would still be to travel with your dog, and have the dreamiest vacation with them right by your side. You'd lounge in perfectly-designed resort lobbies, eat ice cream cones by famous landmarks or white sandy beaches, and take exciting walks around the city, letting them sniff out the best restaurants or food trucks along the way. Girl, it's possible, and just takes posting a few pictures on the 'Gram and heading to Reno Tahoe.

What's the scoop on this dream vacation with your dog?


In celebration of National Puppy Day on March 23, Reno Tahoe is giving away a vacation to one traveler and their sweet pup. The vacation includes lots of pampering and good food for both the fluff in your life and, well, you!

The lucky winner will stay at the Renaissance Reno for two nights, which is totally dog-friendly. They'll be awarded with roundtrip airfare (up to a $500 value), and treated to delicious meals, too. They'll receive a beer flight and go on a tour of Lead Dog Brewing, and be able to explore the beautiful sights that Reno Tahoe has to offer.

The best part, though, is that the winner's dog will be turned into a street mural and painted by a local Reno muralist. So, this trip and time spent together will be commemorated in the most modern, cool, and Instagram-worthy form of art. Um, sweet! Now you're just thinking, "Where can I sign up?"

How can you win a vacation with your dog in Reno Tahoe?

Victor Torres/Stocksy

You don't quite "sign up" for this dream vacation — you win it! Sure, you could plan the whole itinerary for yourself, and score those delicious meals and wonderful memories. But, entering is so simple that you might want to hit the pause button on your travel plans, and instead, tap on Instagram.

Once the app is open, find the best picture you can of you and your fluffy best friend. This might be a shot of you two taking a hike in the middle of summer, or smiling big at the camera lens. It could be a snap that you took on a Saturday afternoon when you were cuddling on the couch, or one from an adventure that you had back in the day, when you first brought them into your home. *Cue the happy tears.*

Find one? Good! Now, post it to your feed on March 23, with a sweet caption and the tags: #NationalPuppyDay, @RenoTahoe, and @RenRenoDowntown. Then, simply cross all your fingers, wish on your lucky stars, and hope that you and your pup are chosen for the trip of a lifetime. (Universe, can we get a little help here?)

What other experiences can you and your dog have in Reno Tahoe?

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Now, if you and your pup aren't chosen, don't fret. Channel that constant energy and passion that your dog has for you, their favorite toy, or snuggling at night, and plan this trip for yourself! Plan your own vacation with your pup in Reno Tahoe.

This is the perfect place to go, because this city is truly passionate about pups — and it shows. The Renaissance Reno highlights packages that include a puppy pizza party and doggie bed sleepovers in the presidential suite, so that your pup has the time of their life, too. They also provide a $1,000 donation to your animal rescue shelter of choice.

In addition, restaurants like the Wild River Grille gives a percentage of its earnings to the Nevada Human Society and SPCA of Northern Nevada. DogFest Reno brings dog lovers, like you, to one place to raise funds to provide service dogs to people who need them. Simply plan your trip around these various events and experiences, and you'll have the vacation of a lifetime.

You'll feel so good because you're celebrating the pup in your life, and making new memories beyond your cozy apartment. You'll help out other dogs in the world, and bond with people who understand your constant need to post pictures of your pup on the 'Gram. What more could really ask for?