A happy woman sits on her partner's back on the beach.
7 #CouplesPoses From TikTok That'll Inspire Your Next Photo Session

Westend61/Westend61/Getty Images

The guest star in a lot of your Insta pics is your partner. You just can't help the fact that you want to share every date night photo and random selfie you take together. The problem is, you may have exhausted all your go-to poses and need some fresh content ideas. So, spruce things up by checking out these couples' poses from TikTok that'll totally complete your next photo session.

By now, you know TikTok is a great place to find date night ideas and fun couples' quizzes, but it can also be a great source for tips and tricks for your Insta. For instance, the #CouplesPoses on TikTok will help you know what looks super cute and give you all the instruction you need on how to actually channel these looks.

Whether you decide to get dressed up in matching outfits or wear fancier date night attire, be sure to find a good backdrop, such as your backyard or kitchen with some candles lit everywhere. Then, set up a self-timer to snap as you try to recreate one of these sweet couples' poses from TikTok. For example, instead of your go-to piggyback ride pic, do a straight lift in the air or an airplane pose with your arms out together. If you already have plenty of kissing pics, try a perfect silhouette pose facing each other instead. By choosing one of the poses below for your next post, you'll add variety to your feed and make your followers swoon.

'The Princess Diaries' Kiss

This TikTok draws pose inspo from a classic rom-com, The Princess Diaries. Instead of a simple kiss snap, you can channel the leg-popping kiss from The Princess Diaries, just like TikToker Kym (@kymmybaby) does. All you need to do is pop your leg in the air as you go in for a smooch.

The Back-To-Back Peace Sign

A pose you might not immediately think to take with your partner is the back-to-back peace sign pose, as demonstrated by Chan and Lex (@chandlerandalexis) on TikTok. This pose will give off a carefree, fun vibe.

The Straight Lift In The Air

If your go-to pose is a piggyback ride, you might want to try this straight lift in the air instead. TikTokers Emilie and Jonas (@dreamteam_eandj) show how cute it is to capture this simple pose. You don't even have to be in the air for too long. Set your camera up in video mode, and screenshot the perfect moment for your Insta pic.

The Perfect Silhouettes

The perfect silhouettes shot from The Posing Experts (@jbandbrittany) is probably one of the most romantic poses you could do. You stand facing each other and either touch noses or foreheads. It's a great go-to pose for couples.

The Bubbles Prop

Sometimes, all you need is a creative prop to bring new life to your Insta pics. Photographer Tina Torres (@tinatorresphotography) suggests you use bubbles. Before snapping your kissing selfie, blow a few bubbles into the air so they surround you as you go in for the kiss.

The Airplane

For couples who love to travel together, this airplane pose is for you. Have your partner stand behind you, and hold out your hands together like you're imitating an airplane. Then, circle your arms together, but photographer Kylie E Meyer (@kyliemeyerphoto) suggests not doing it too fast. This simple airplane mode will capture a super cute plandid.

The Crouch And Stand

TikTokers Liv and Nick (@livvyndnick) have some fun poses for you to try, like this crouch and stand. One of you will need to crouch down, while the other stands tall. It's a cool pose that looks like it belongs on an album cover, and will add good variety to your feed.