A couple in matching orange outfits dances and sings in the kitchen on Valentine's Day.
TikTokers Are Sharing At-Home V-Day Date Ideas You & Your SO Will Be Sweet On

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Every day you get to spend with your boo is a special one, so it’s time to make this Valentine’s Day sweeter than the rest. Thankfully, there are so many creative TikTok Valentine's Day date ideas to try at home so you and your quarantine cutie can have the most magical night. From enjoying a scrumptious fondue to making a V-Day charcuterie board, the options are truly endless.

Spending your day of love at home not only creates a cozy and intimate date, but it also ensures you're following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) safety guidelines. The CDC advises celebrating the holidays at home or virtually to protect your household and others from potentially spreading and/or contracting the coronavirus. But, staying home for V-Day gives you the opportunity to be extra creative with these TikTok date ideas.

You can make your special day swoon-worthy by recreating any of these TikTok Valentine's Day date ideas at home. To have a heartfelt night in with your partner, set up a cozy campout in your living room. Or, get into the loving spirit by making cotton candy cocktails. However you decide to spend your Valentine's Day, your time together will be amazing since you're with your person.

Have An Indoor Campout

Bring some of the outdoors inside by recreating this indoor camp setup. You and bae can sit and watch the stars — aka fairy lights — in a tent while you're surrounded by lots of cozy pillows. You can even snap a few selfies for the 'gram with a caption like, "Our love is in tents."

Have A Paint Night

If you're feeling artsy, gather up your paint brushes and paints to work on a masterful art piece with your partner. This TikToker (@evelinrosephoto) suggests using a paint by numbers kit ($13, Amazon) for a fun project. Afterwards, you can hang your artwork up so you'll always have something to remember your V-Day by.

Enjoy A Luxe Spa Night

Grab your sheet masks and bathrobes for a relaxing spa date this V-Day. You can apply your favorite skincare products on each other, take LOL-worthy pics in matching sheet masks, and finish the night off with a long soak in the tub for a luxury Valentine's Day.

Make Cotton Candy Cocktails

Valentine's Day is all about candy and your love. With this TikTok Valentine's Day cocktail recipe, you and your partner can prepare a sweet drink, then toast to all the moments you've shared together. All you'll need is champagne (or your sparkling juice of choice to make this a mocktail) and Sour Patch Kids hearts. Top this pink drink off with cotton candy and a gummy kiss candy.

Design A V-Day Dessert Board

You've heard of charcuterie boards, but have you heard of dessert boards? Swap out your assorted meats and cheeses for your favorite candies and chocolate to design a sweet board for Valentine's Day. You can get some inspiration from this TikToker who uses a heart-shaped board, gummy candies, and heart-shaped bowls to store all the goodies. Your V-Day will be downright delicious if you decide to replicate this idea.

Eat Some Gooey Fondue

Whether you opt for gooey cheese or chocolate, this fondue V-Day date idea is positively yummy. Simply melt your cheese or chocolate over the stove. As you feed your partner a strawberry dipped in warm chocolate, your SO's heart will literally melt. You can even grab a pic of your date with a witty caption like, "I'm so fondue of you."

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