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These DIY Valentine's Day Hot Chocolate Bomb TikToks Will Melt Your Heart

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Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" quite like chocolates. This year, why not take this classic treat to the next level? Thanks to these DIY Valentine's Day hot chocolate bomb TikToks, you can easily create a warm and cozy drink with your favorite Valentine's Day snacks. Now, you and bae can literally melt each other's hearts.

You've likely seen a ton of hot chocolate bomb recipes on TikTok and love watching how they explode to create a warm cup of cocoa. With these DIY Valentine's Day bombs on hand, your day will be so much sweeter. A strawberry hot chocolate bomb, for instance, will turn the contents of your mug into a beautiful shade of pink, complete with Tiny Conversation Heart candies inside. Or, a heart-shaped hot chocolate bomb will bring on all the heart eyes. Whether you're making any of these DIY Valentine's Day hot chocolate bombs for you and your housemates, or as a gift for your special someone, your creations will be bursting with love.

Be sure to capture a video of your cocoa bomb spilling pink heart-shaped marshmallows into a mug on TikTok. When you post your creation with a hashtag #hotchocolatebomb, you'll certainly get lots of likes.

This V-Day Hot Cocoa Bomb Has A Sprinkle Of Glitter

This Valentine's Day hot chocolate bomb by TikToker @emmas_sweets_ will be extra satisfying to watch melt, because it's filled with edible glitter and Valentine's Day sprinkles. To make this DIY, you'll need white chocolate, red food coloring powder, and, of course, lots of sprinkles. Consider lining the edge of your cup in sprinkles, too.

This Strawberries And Cream Hot Cocoa Bomb Is Extra Sweet

Your hot cocoa bomb will be an extra special treat when it's shaped like a heart. Using a heart-shaped mold, you can make this strawberries and cream hot cocoa bomb from TikToker @cakeittome by filling it with strawberry milk powder, mini marshmallows, and freeze-dried strawberries. You can even seal the edge with more melted chocolate and dip the sides in V-Day themed sprinkles for an extra dash of love.

This Hot Cocoa Bomb Has Conversation Heart Candies Inside

If you want to let your partner know just how much you heart them, hide some Tiny Conversation Heart candies in your hot cocoa bomb with secret messages like "Crazy 4 U" or "One & Only." By using this TikTok Valentine's day DIY from TikToker Andrea Gonzalez (@andrea.sofiaaa), you can further sweeten your drink with strawberry hot chocolate and pink marshmallows. Your boo will have total heart eyes for you after just one sip.

This Vanilla Chai Tea Bomb Is Tea-rrific

Spice up your special day by opting for a chai tea bomb rather than a traditional hot chocolate bomb. TikToker @cassiifrass uses a heart-shaped mold to fill with white chocolate and red food coloring to make a pink chai bomb. The molds are filled with chai powder to melt into the cutest pastel pink beverage.

These Conversation Heart Hot Cocoa Bombs Are Something To Talk About

Conversation hearts are a classic V-Day gift. Show your love for this sweet candy by making a hot cocoa bomb that looks just like it. This cocoa bomb DIY by TikToker @hughesdelights uses a heart-shaped mold to create white chocolate hearts. You can decorate your heart with a message like "Kiss Me" or "XOXO."

This Valentine's Day Hot Cocoa Bomb Will Melt Your Heart

Your heart will melt when you recreate this V-Day hot chocolate bomb by TikToker @sweettreatsbysol. This DIY uses a heart mold filled with both white and pink chocolate. The mold is then filled with hot cocoa powder and mini marshmallows, and decorated with silver and gold sprinkles.

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