7 Cheap Date Ideas That’ll Seriously Impress Your Crush, Because You Don't Need Big Bucks
by Christy Piña

When you meet someone new and you start feeling all the butterflies, it's very easy to get carried away and want to take them on every awesome date you can think of. When a relationship is new, it's especially fun to spend time with this new person and get to know them as much as possible. But dates can often add up financially, and if you just happen to be in-between paychecks, you might be in the market for some cheap date ideas that'll have your crush begging for more.

At the beginning of a new relationship, you're learning different things about your crush; they tell you what they like to do in their free time or they mention their favorite spot in the city. You can use that to your advantage. Make a mental (or physical) list of the things they like to do and the places they like to go, the kinds of the movies they watch, and the music they like to listen to. All of the things that you learn by just getting to know someone can give you the ammo to wow this new person in your life, starting with these dates. Remember: You don't need to spend big money to make an impression!

Picnic In The Park

As cliche as a picnic in the park seems, it's actually a really cute way to spice up your typical "dinner and a movie" date — minus the movie. If your date mentions they likes to go to the park, use that! Instead of taking them to the new, hottest spot in town that'll probably hurt your wallet, get some of their favorite things to eat, stuff them in a picnic basket, and meet your date at the park or another outdoorsy spot they adore.

Homemade Dinner

Making dinner with your date is a great way to be romantic and not break the bank. The two of you can make a deal: One of you makes dinner first, and the other makes it next time. That way, you have a guaranteed next date! Picking all the ingredients that you both like and putting them together to make an amazing meal is a great bonding experience. Don't forget dessert! Either pick something that can bake while you're having dinner, like cookies or a pastry, or keep it simple and get your favorite ice creams. If you both like the same kind, even better!


Ah, the sounds of the pinball machines, the angsty music playing in the background, the neon lights — all the joys of childhood in one place. Heading to your nearest arcade with $20 and your date by your side is perfect for the early stages of a relationship. It's cheap, and it fills the occasional awkward silences that may occur when you're first getting to know someone. The games keep you occupied, and you can bond over your favorite childhood memories.

4. Fruit-Picking

No matter the season, fruit picking is a simple, yet super cute, unique date. In early fall, apple picking is at its prime — the earlier in the season the better, so you can get the first picks. Come spring and summer, strawberry or blueberry picking is ideal. In the summer months, you can also pick tomatoes and avocados (depending on where you are), and maybe even use them to make homemade guac. ('Cause honestly, who doesn't love guac?)

Movie Night

Movie nights are easy, cheap, and casual. You and your date can compile a list of two or three movies you've both been dying to watch, grab a few bags of popcorn and some movie theater candy for a reasonable price at any local market, and voila! You have your date night. While movies don't necessarily lead to much talking, the way your date seems to react to certain scenes in the film could reveal things you wouldn't have necessarily gotten them to openly talk about (yet). Maybe a particular scene moves them, and you can make a metal note to ask why further down the line. Maybe something silly in the movie makes them laugh uncontrollably for a solid five minutes.

One way or another, movie nights help you get more comfortable with your date, and that's crucial if you want this casual dating to turn into something a little more serious.


Roller skating, ice skating, and even skateboarding are fun ways to get to know someone. You can use your skills to show off, or you can use your lack of knowledge to get "lessons" from your date, who seems to be breezing by. Either way, it's likely to leave more of an impression than just dinner, and will save you a few dollars in the process.

Comedy Club

The way to a person's heart is through their laughter — or something like that. Comedy clubs can bring out that laughter, and lessen the pressure of the first few dates because you can just relax with each other and laugh it out. Some comedy club prices can be high on nights where they have talent coming in, but on open-mic nights, entrance fees are usually low, and you'll still get in a lot of laughs.

So if you're trying to leave an impression after just a few dates, try spicing it up with one of these seven dates, instead of your basic dinner and a movie. Save those for later, once your date's already hooked.

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