7 Annoying AF Things Your Bestie Does That You Wouldn't Trade For The World


You can't live with them. You can't live without them. There's nothing quite like a best friend. Whether you've known them since you were five years old, or you two just became close last year, there's something truly special about having someone who just gets you. She'll finish your sentences (or maybe sandwiches), and text your family like her own. Even despite the annoying things your best friend does, you just wouldn't trade your partner in crime for anyone else.

We often set our best friends to some pretty high standards. Maybe it's sitcoms or social media, but we tend to expect that our friendships will be full of banter, gossip over Mr. Big, and unbelievable adventures. Living in a New York City apartment -- filled with IKEA furniture and unlimited amounts of pizza and coffee -- with your closest gal pal? That's the real American Dream.

What they sometimes leave out in all of those shows is the fights over why you call it "pizza" and they call it "pie," how you're gonna pay the rent on that shoe box city apartment, and that one time you missed a coffee date.

You and your best friend will have your ups and downs (It's a relationship after all!), but you'll always end up on the same page. Just try not to hate her too much for these seven annoying things she'll inevitably do, because who else would you want to be there for you?

She Will Call You Out When You're Wrong

A best friend is known for giving the best advice. She will sit there for hours attacking a situation from all angles with you, and will be a sounding board when you need one.

She knows all of your unique quirks and strengths -- like how you are incredibly passionate about what you care about, but can flake on plans.It's a perfect combination of understanding and grounding that we all need in our life.

She Won't Let You Stay Home

Mean Girls said it best: "Get in loser, we're going shopping."

A best friend will never let you miss out on what could be the best night of your life. Staying in with your cat and a glass of wine sounded so ideal, but there are memories to be made!

At the end of a long day, going out may seem like a complete nightmare. But you quickly realize she knew exactly what you needed all along, when it's 2 a.m. and you're jamming to your favorite songs.

She Will Tell You When You Don't Look Cute

There's just something off about that top with those jeans. Go change.

Getting ready may be one of the most exhausting experiences. If you're anything like me, a night out means tearing through your entire closet just for it all to end up on the floor. Your friends are shocked when you put something on and love it on the first try.

In some ways, we can all blame our best friend for this fashion marathon. She will tell us when something just is not cute, and you can always count on your girl to be brutally honest when those shoes you love are just straight-up ugly. But, she'll also be there with a whole new closet of outfit options -- thank God you're the same size!

She Will Remind You Of The Awkward Phase We All Go Through

Remember that time you wore excessive eyeliner and Bermuda shorts? She will!

Your best friend has been there through the thick and thin. You were friends through the wildest middle school trends, and the days when you just couldn't figure out how to be a human. Sometimes, when you're feeling really daring, you'll flip through old photos together and wonder how you ever let each other out of the house rocking neon orange cargo pants with a lime green tube top. But, those memories are usually the best ones to look back and laugh at.

She Will Know When The Guy You Like Is A Jerk

Your best friend will be the toughest on the guys in your life. She knows what you deserve, and will set her standards for you higher than you may set them for yourself.

She knows every guy who wronged you, and the ones who should've stuck around longer. She knows your "type," and will dissect text messages with you through all hours of the night.

But, she'll also remind of the times you got ghosted, in hopes that it won't happen again. Crying to an old T. Swift song shouldn't be the reg. Boy, bye.

She Won't Accept Your Excuses

Let's be honest. You're not sick, Karen.

Your best friend knows all of your best excuses for getting out of plans, because you probably invented them together. Falling asleep, family dinners, and having to work might slide with other people, but not her.

She's not just anybody in your life, and she sees right through your playbook. But sometimes, her standards aren't so bad, because they make you the best kind of friend you can be.

She Will Always Be There

At the end of the day, you're partners in crime. She's your person -- the peanut butter to your jelly, and the Monica to your Rachel. She'll be there even when you don't want her to be, and you're grateful, nonetheless.

Life can be tough, and it's nice to have a best friend by your side who makes you stronger and just an all-around ultimate you. Sometimes, you might low-key want to roll your eyes at her for crashing that date or embarrassing you in front of your new boss, but you love her so much more -- and you wouldn't have it any other way.