7 Kick-ass Ideas For An Adult Sleepover Party, Because We're Never To Old For Them

Svyatoslav Lypynskyy/Fotolia

You're never to old to have a sleepover. Sure, you're sort of a part of this real world place now, but you wouldn't turn down a pillow fight. At the end of a long week, sometimes staying in with your girls is all you really want on a Saturday night — and having an adult slumber party seems oh-so-ideal. You'll watch all your favorite movies, maybe do a facial with your friends, and talk for hours about everything you've missed while you've been away at work. As the host, you know you need unreal snacks, but there's a lot of other adult sleepover party ideas that will seriously upgrade snuggling up with your squad.

Maybe you've already had a bunch of wine nights with your ladies, so you sort of know the drill. Sure, sleepovers are kind of the same, but don't just settle for slices of cheese and a bottle of something sparkly. You have the opportunity to make this a night in to remember, starting with the soundtrack you play all night and ending with the mimosas you make in the morning.

Adulting can be draining, but your friends are ready to rally for something extra fun. The best ideas for adult sleepovers will have you dancing until dawn and making memories every minute. If you're unsure of where to start, I've rounded up a few things you might want to do.

A Mimosa Bar At Breakfast

Treat yo' self. You don't have to go out for brunch to get bottomless mimosas. For your adult sleepover, you'll have endless snack tables and probably some speciality cocktails, too. But, when you wake up in the morning you don't want the party to stop.

Make your own mimosa bar full with freshly-squeezed orange juice, a couple of bottles of champagne, and maybe even some cute garnishes for you and your gals. You might even want to snap a picture of your DIY project before you start sipping. It'll truly be Instagram-worthy, and you want to show the world your next level night in.

Some Mattress Surfing

Work hard, play hard — am I right? Being 20-something means that during the day you're bogged down by your schedule. But, at your adult sleepover you can leave all your worries behind and escape to the slopes.

Mattress surfing might only be something you've seen in the movies (Cue up The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2, please!), but if you have the right setup, it'll seriously upgrade your night with the girls. The real world can be rough, but you can so handle these super comfy waves.

A Little Karaoke

Dance parties are always a solid option at a sleepover, but karaoke really gets the crowd going. Put on your best playlists and sing along to all those throwbacks, like "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls, "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo, and "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. Maybe you'll even stream some summer hits from the '90s like "All Star" by Smash Mouth, or a soundtrack from one of your favorite flicks (The one from Mamma Mia will surely get everyone on their feet.)

Grab a hair brush or a bottle of shaving cream, and sing your heart out, even if you're not pitch-perfect. You're all about making memories at this sleepover, and there will surely be a few mic drops.

Play True American, Inspired By 'New Girl'

JFK, FDR! Drinking games just got so much better thanks to our favorite loft mates. If you haven't seen New Girl on FOX — well, first of all, I highly recommend you start and watch yourself get hooked on yet another sitcom crew. This game makes an appearance every once in awhile, and the rules aren't totally clear. There are Candy Land elements to it, mini games inspired by American history (so you might want to study up a bit), and the floor is lava.

Set up a course of chairs around your space, arrange beers around a big bottle of your favorite hard liquor, and pick teams by throwing numbers up on your forehead. The object of the game is to become the True American, and reach that big bottle in the center. For the official rules, look to the Internet's best interpretation.

Have A Bake-Off

On an average night, you and your friends settle for watching endless episodes of Chopped on Food Network. You've seen the Holiday Baking Championship and Cupcake Wars, and have declared yourself quite the chef because of it. Now, it's time to put your skills to the test during your adult sleepover and have yourself a bake-off.

Every slumber party needs lots of snacks, and you sure could just pick up some chips — but nothing quite compares to the smell and taste of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Decide on a single recipe, or make a bunch of different things, and choose one member of your crew to be the judge (Most likely the pickiest eater, or the one with the sweetest tooth.) Leave Gordon Ramsey out of this one — although, I'm sure he'll tell you that your dish is one-of-a-kind in his own way.

Paint Wine Glasses

Make some pour decisions, and paint wine glasses with your girls during your sleepover party. You have so much in your lives that are worth toasting to. Maybe one of you just got engaged and this is actually a bachelorette party, or maybe you just landed your dream job and want to drink to it.

In the past, you and your roommates might have always had wine nights when life got crazy so that you could catch up with your crew. Somebody would pick up a bottle on the way home and you'd clink to surviving another week of school, or your favorite actress winning during an award show. Now, they'll have something personalized and a little artsy to sip out of when one of those nights comes around again.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts aren't just for summer camp. You and your squad can make your own for your adult sleepover and spend the night getting a little active. Maybe you stick to your space, or buy some disposable cameras and go outside your sleeping bags to check things off the list. It's like that movie Sleepover that we watched a million times over when we were kids, and thought was oh-so-wild. Now you're grown, and get to play the game.

Maybe you have to get yourself a free drink, play a round of "odds are" with a stranger, or eat a whole pizza with your partner before you can move on. Tailor it to your group and search Pinterest for some ideas of what to include. Ready, set, sleepover!