6 Sweet Stories About Ring-Bearers That Are Almost Too Adorable To Believe

Between the look on the groom’s face as their sweetheart walks down the aisle, the heartfelt vows, and the first kiss as a married couple, there’s obviously a lot of potential for cute moments at a wedding. But let’s talk about the ring-bearers for a sec. They not only have a serious job, but they tend to look adorable AF doing it. Hence why there are so many sweet stories about ring-bearers.

Of course, not every wedding has a ring-bearer. And not every ring-bearer actually holds the rings. Still, they do serve a very important purpose that can take the ceremony to a whole new level of memorable. Whether or not they’re bearing the wedding bands, the ring-bearer gives guests a solid dose of the warm fuzzies right before the bride makes her entrance. Because honestly, what’s cuter than a 5-year-old in a bowtie?

While some may go the traditional route and have their ring-bearers hold a simple silk pillow, many couples are opting to give their ring-bearers unique props and entrances to make them stand out. From a beloved canine to a musical prodigy, here are a few ring-bearer tales that are too stinkin’ cute.

Bride's Best Friend
Our good boy [a dog] was the ring bearer. Rings were tied to the back of the bowtie. [He] didn't want to sit still, just wanted to greet everyone! Finally, when things started calming down, he decided the best spot for a nap was on my dress.


Waterworks Patrol
Our ring-bearer passed a box of tissues out to each aisle. Let’s just say a lot of guests appreciated the gesture. They definitely came in handy a few minutes later when we were exchanging our vows!

— Lily, 29

A Precious Processional
My 11-year-old nephew, the ring-bearer, had been taking piano lessons for a few years before the wedding, and he was really talented. So, we decided to let him play “Here Comes The Bride.” It added such a nice personal touch to the ceremony to have him at the piano as I walked down the aisle.

— Jenny, 28

Young Love
We decided to play it safe and have our ring-bearer carry a set of fake rings down the aisle. When it was time for us to exchange the real wedding bands, the ring-bearer gave one of the fake ones to the flower girl. Talk about stealing the spotlight! I missed it because we were in the middle of our vows, but thank goodness some guests snapped a couple of photos of it because it was even sweeter than I could have imagined.

— Laura, 30

Sweet Signage
The best man had the rings (we felt too nervous putting a 6-year-old in charge of them), so the ring-bearer just strolled down the aisle with a sign that said, “Here comes the love of your life.” My sister got the custom sign off Etsy without telling my hubby, and he was so surprised when he saw it. Thankfully, the photographer captured his adorable reaction on camera.

— Samantha, 31

Ring Guards FTW
LOL, I had 15 kids in my wedding. My ring bearers didn’t actually hold the rings, so I made them security guards. I got the jackets on Amazon, I took them to a local shop that does embroidery and asked them to put “Ring Bearer Security Services” on the back and they were able to put a little badge on the front. I’m super happy with it! They were adorable!


I can’t even, you guys. Moral of the story? It doesn’t matter whether the ring-bearer actually transports the rings or not — these charming little goobers give guests one more thing to “ooh” and “ahh” over. And let's be real: You can never have too much of the cute factor on your big day.