10 Pics Of Fur Babies As Ring Bearers That'll Make You Say, "I Ruff You"

You've likely heard or noticed that the flower girl is the expected underdog to genuinely steal the show at a wedding. But, if there is a dog as a ring bearer, those rosy cheeks and silk ribbons are coming second to the pup — in my opinion. Dogs have this superpower to gravitate every human towards them, no matter what room or event they enter. Seeing pictures of dogs as ring bearers will give you all the feels, because you know you would have been down on the ground in your fine attire supplying well-deserved belly rubs if you were there.

I'm not sure who started the trend of sincerely including their fur baby in their special day, but it was the most brilliant idea ever. Dogs looks so proud and excited when they are trotting down the aisle to their almost-married owners. And pictures? Don't get me started on how sweet pups look making their debut at an event filled with so much love and all the good vibes. That is the epitome of what they are, after all.

If you've been to a wedding with a pup stealing the show, I'm jealous, and lucky you. For those of us who haven't, a roundup will give you a taste of how downright perfect pups can clean up. After seeing these fur babies as ring bearers, you will surely be adding the concept to your wedding dream board.

As If Corgis Needed Anything Else To Be Cute
wavyyerica on Twitter

Oh my goodness! I am sure the wedding vows were lovely and all — but how could anyone focus on anything other than this sweet little guy in the front? That white bandana is everything and his black and white fur make it seems like he was born with a natural tuxedo.

This Pup Will Steal Your Heart
rebeccalynne_92 on Twitter

Seeing a fur baby trot down the aisle for a wedding is one of the sweetest things you could ever lay eyes on. They may not know exactly what's going on, but they effortlessly send everyone on a one-way trip to swooning uncontrollably. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Paws And Look At This Furry Flower Child
Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

Roses are red, doggies are cute, I can't even finish the rhyme because this pup is destroying me. Why weren't dogs incorporated in weddings from the get-go? Either way, people need to realize that weddings simply aren't complete anymore without a furry friend making a grand entrance.

How Could You Not Want To Be BFFs With This Fur Ball?
jessenglish35 on Twitter

This pup is a prime example that everything stops when or if you realize there is a dog present. It doesn't matter what the occasion is. We've all been that person at a party who ignores humans and focuses only on paws and fur.

"I Drool" Is The New "I Do"
theamitie on Twitter

That floppy tongue is sealing the deal for dogs as ring bearers everywhere. Wet kisses will always be the best from pups. This little guy seems super excited for his role in the wedding.

You'll Never See Anything More Adorable Than This Stud
paradiserazma on Twitter

I know dogs might not be super into being dressed in clothes, but you can't deny how picturesque they are in little tuxedos. It is almost too much to handle. Pictures hardly capture how dope it would be to see the ring bearer in action.

Cuff Links Have Found Their True Calling
themslyss on Twitter

Cuff links have not been worn properly unless they are on a pup during a wedding. This is so creative and allows the dog to still look classy, but have a bunch of mobility. That bowtie would bring anyone to tears.

Who Knew You Could Cry Over Paws And Petals?
alexandracraig on Twitter

This pup is walking with a purpose, and you can't deny how glamorous that fur is looking while it's blowing in the wind. Is this a wedding or a fashion shoot? Hands-down, this is the loveliest sight ever.

Ready To Catch The Bouquet... And Treats
Seth Mourra/Stocksy

Flower arrangements and pups are two of the sweetest things you could collab. Of course, the flowers may not last as long, but until then, pictures are guaranteed to be the best thing you could ever post. Dogs are naturally so photogenic.

Ring Bearing Is A Piece Of Cake
stllwd on Twitter

This fur baby was looking forward to a tasty reward for a job well done. Not even cake or treats could reflect how thankful one would be for having their pup part of their special day. Fur babies deserve the world and so much more.

Dogs make every single one of our days special just by existing. Incorporating them in your wedding day will truly make it that much more memorable.