This Couple's Dog Was The Ring Bearer At Their Wedding And He Did Such A Good Job

by Candice Jalili
Studio Firma/Stocksy

I've never had a pet dog, and I never really had a desire to become a dog person... that is until all of my news feeds started getting inundated with dog memes. It's like everyone and their mom is suddenly OBSESSED with their dogs and won't shut up about how obsessed with their dogs they are.

I've been trying to resist the hype because, well, I hate hype. But then, this couple made their puppy a part of their wedding, and they made resisting the hype impossible, once again.

Sheree Atcheson and Sean McCrory are a couple in the United Kingdom who just got married last month. Oh, and by the way, their wedding was way cuter than yours was or will ever be. What took their wedding to such infinite levels of cuteness? Well, it's because they decided to have their adorable little dog Alfie act as the ring bearer during the ceremony. (BTW, can we talk about how freaking cute that name is for a British dog??)

Alfie, who looks like a puppy even though he's 7 years old (all dogs are puppies anyway, right?), is a pretty giant part of the couple's life together, so there was no shot he wasn't going to be included in a celebration of their union. As far as the couple was concerned, there was no other candidate for the position of ring bearer. This one was a no-brainer.

"Alfie is a huge part of our lives and there was never a decision made to have him as our ring bearer. He was the only choice," Atcheson told BuzzFeed. "He's such a great part of our relationship and we wanted to have him involved in our family's big day."

As if things couldn't get any cuter than this, Alfie's parents even got a custom suit made for him to wear to the big day, according to BuzzFeed. Needless to say, he looked freaking adorable in it.

Congratulations to the happy couple, and most importantly, congratulations to Alfie for doing such a good job.

All right, BRB, adopting a pet dog to be in my future wedding.