These Adorable Ring Bearers Are The Real MVPs Of Every Wedding

by Alexa Mellardo

Having kids in your wedding party can add the most adorable touch before the bride's entrance. You may really have your heart set on having a very special friend or family member do the honor, adding extra cuteness to the day.

You have to be prepared with a possible element of surprise though, since kids will be kids. Sometimes with adorable comes mischief.

Children can also get spooked and change their mind about walking down the aisle at the last minute. They're the bosses and make their own rules. It's also possible they will get distracted along their way. And one never knows if they will start to cry, pick their nose or throw a temper tantrum that can ruin or totally charm the moment.

Each child is different and the moment will be unpredictable. After all, the spotlight is on them. It can be a complete nerve-racking experience for a toddler to walk down an aisle with tons of adults looking at him/her and taking pictures. Some kids will be fascinated by it; others will be understandably much less enthusiastic.

But if you do decide to have one or two (or more) little ones, they certainly have the keen ability to effortlessly steal the show. They will also be the ultimate addition to your special day.

A ring bearer has tons of swag with a bowtie…

...and probably knows how to flirt it up with the ladies.

This dude knows what's up...

...while this one has a killer smile for the cameras.

Some know how to walk the walk…

Others know how to talk the talk.

Some can totally rock those shorts like they were made for them...

...and come on, suspenders and matching sneaks are going to melt everyone's heart.

When a bro has your back, it goes a long way.

Let's be real, what little flower girl could pass up this offer?

Some kids make for fierce competition…

...especially with devilish grins...

...and a man's best friend will always be a loyal choice for the role.